List of building materials
Material refer to: Category
Compressed earth block, mud brick, rammed earth Category:Appropriate technology
Concrete Category:Concrete
Conveyor systems Category:Vertical transport devices
Composites Category:Composite materials
Thermal protection Category:Thermal protection
Moisture protection Category:Moisture protection
Doors Category:Doors
Category:Door furniture
Electrical systems and equipment Category:Electrical systems
Surface finishing Category:Wood finishing materials
Category:Wood finishing techniques
Fire suppression equipment Category:Fire suppression
Furnishings Category:Furniture
HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning) Category:HVAC
Masonry, mortar (masonry), grout Category:Masonry
Metals Category:Metals
"Openings" include Doors & Windows Category:Doors
Plastics Category:Plastics
Plumbing fixtures and equipment Category:Plumbing
Building safety Category:Safety codes
Security systems Category:Security
Specialties Category:Architectural design
Telecommunications equipment Category:Telecommunications
Wood, carpentry Category:Wood


See also: List of woods
Windows Category:Windows

Industry standards[edit]

The Construction Specifications Institute maintains the following industry standards:

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