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What is an admiral?
Admiral is the rank, or part of the name of the rank, of the highest naval officers.

What should any admiral around the world know?
If he or she gets involved in criminal offenses, he or she gets charged with criminal offenses with punishments.

If any admiral or any other entity is at sea or on land, he or she cannot get involved in any criminal offenses.

Are you ready with the answers?
Who is ready with the answers?

What do you know about laws of the sea?

What are your skills and knowledge relevant to the Navy?

What should be the duties of the Navy in the world?

What duties and rank would you like to have in the Navy?

What is the most advanced Navy ship/submarine as of today?

How many Navy vessels are there in the world’s oceans as of today?

What are your goals regarding Navy transformation?

What is the status on the implementation of the decision to allow service by women on submarines?

How would you improve upon the Navy's ability to produce a healthy and fit Navy Reserve?

Do you see a need for any change in the role of the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations in the requirements determination, resource allocation, or acquisition management processes of the Department of the Navy?

What are the duties of this work?
Admiral of the Navy
Chief of Naval Operations
Fleet Admiral
Joint Chiefs of Staff
Naval Reactors Engineer
Six-star admiral
Submarine Officer (Nuclear Submarines)
Surface Warfare Officer (Nuclear Aircraft Carriers)

Here are further guidelines.