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Aeronautics and Space Audit
Up to January 24, 2012, between 10 am and 1 pm, in Chicago, Illinois, you must have seen at least two planes flying from west to east or vice versa.

These are state aircraft.

Are these state aircraft been misused by a few monopolists?
Whom do they carry?
What are various reported harms?
What is the origin and destination state and airport of these aircraft?
What is the purpose and profile of these flights and passengers over the past 10 years?
What is being done to punish their criminal activities over the past 10 years?
How have they enhanced products and services in essential ingredients of the economy of every state they fly over?
These are basic questions.
There are many more.
Intercontinental airline services.
Interstate airline services within the continent.

What should intercontinental airline services look forward to?

1. Exploring vacant habitable land around the world.
2. Transporting passengers to their native states once every six months or year.
3. Transporting surplus foodstuffs and cargo from one location to another location.
4. Transporting essential services as per need from one location to another location.

You need to display only the service really required as per the need.

Do not look forward to market share.
Do not display financials in an audit report.
Do not get involved in any harms.

An aerospace service resource arranges a meeting for audit without answering relevant questions.

Answer relevant questions.

How did your activities enhance essential ingredients of the economy around the world?

How did your activities enhance essential ingredients of the economy in a specific state?

Various governors of states and their associates:
What do you think?
If any aerospace service shows noncompliance, ask it to close down due to valid reasons.

How should these services go ahead?
This is for intercontinental aerospace services.

In America, those planning to visit native states in Asia or another continent once in six months or a year should enlist with state department of human services or a similar department.

They should forward this request to an intercontinental aerospace service.

Aerospace service in America needs passenger updates concerning date, time of departure, and return to Asia.

All such aerospace services get sponsored by American and Asian states.

What do you think?

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Asif Qureshi
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Chicago, Illinois 60640.

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