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Airport Operations Coordinator
What work activities does an Airport Operations Coordinator do?

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World Aviation Administration


World's Best Airport Staff

1 Incheon International Airport
2 Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)
3 Singapore Changi Airport
4 Auckland International Airport
5 Zurich Airport
6 Cape Town International Airport
7 Kuala Lumpur International Airport
8 Brisbane Airport
9 Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
10 Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Best Airport Staff - Africa

1 Cape Town International Airport
2 Durban King Shaka International Airport
3 Johannesburg OR Tambo International Airport
4 East London Airport
5 Port Elizabeth Airport

Best Airport Staff - Asia

1 Incheon International Airport
2 Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)
3 Singapore Changi Airport
4 Kuala Lumpur International Airport
5 Central Japan International Airport

Best Airport Staff - Australia/Pacific

1 Auckland International Airport
2 Brisbane Airport
3 Christchurch International Airport
4 Gold Coast Airport
5 Perth Airport

Best Airport Staff - Europe

1 Zurich Airport
2 Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
3 Munich Airport
4 Helsinki-Vantaa Airport
5 Dusseldorf Airport

Best Airport Staff - Middle East

1 Bahrain International Airport
2 Muscat International Airport
3 Abu Dhabi International Airport
4 Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport

Best Airport Staff - C America/Caribbean

1 Panama Tocumen International Airport
2 Bermuda L.F. Wade International Airport
3 San Jose Juan Santamaria International Airport
4 Port of Spain Piarco International Airport
5 Kingston Norman Manley International Airport

Best Airport Staff - North America

1 Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
2 Vancouver International Airport
3 Toronto Pearson International Airport
4 ________ International Airport
5 San Francisco International Airport

Best Airport Staff - South America

1 Lima Jorge Chavez International Airport
2 Guayaquil International Airport
3 Buenos Aires Ministro Pistarini International Airport
4 Recife Guararapes International Airport
5 Santiago de Chile International Airport

Executive Secretary
Airfield Lighting Maintenance
Airport Manager
Director of operations
Operations manager
Department managers.

Managers may have to deal with noise complaints, emissions testing and airport equipment management. They work closely with the FAA and other industry groups to manage and develop air traffic procedures, install air navigation equipment, mitigate safety hazards and manage the airport budget. They must work closely with numerous people, including the _____, _____, airline management, air traffic controllers, firefighters, security personnel linemen, and maintenance personnel, as well as administrative workers, food workers and sometimes retail managers.

Operations Manager:

An operations manager works under an airport manager, but in some cases, the airport manager and operations manager can be combined into a single position. The operations manager oversees the daily operations of the airports, which may include specific departments such as maintenance, line personnel, security personnel and the overall safety of the airport.

The operations manager will be familiar with all incoming and outgoing air traffic, passenger numbers and fuel usage. They will usually be responsible for implementing regulatory practices, ensuring safety manuals and procedures are up to date and that programs are planned and implemented as necessary.

Hazardous weather operations, snow removal, environmental factors (such as bird strike avoidance) and airport safety practices (such as an emergency response plan) are primary responsibilities for an operations manager.

Department Managers:

At larger airports, there will usually be different airport departments and multiple managers. There might be a budget manager, a vehicle maintenance manager, and a food service manager. There is usually a safety program manager, an emergency response team manager and a building maintenance manager.

Administrative Assistants:

Depending on how large the airport is, there might be one or many administrative assistants. Large airports might also employ specialists, such as legal specialists, accountants and bookkeepers.

Sometimes there are one or two assistants to the airport managers, and other times there are administrative assistants for each department, such as maintenance, fuel, engineering, environmental, and _______ departments, to name a few.

Here are further guidelines.
World Aviation Administration