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Airport police superintendent in the state.
Last Updated: October 1, 2015
What is an example of an airport police Superintendent in the state?
Police superintendent of airport security, Srinagar, Kashmir, Asia.

Questions airport police superintendent in the state needs to answer.

What do you understand by keeping profile or log of individuals who go out or come in through SXR Srinagar Airport every day?
How do you keep profile or log of individuals who go out or come in through SXR Srinagar Airport every day?
How long have you been police superintendent of airport security, Srinagar, Kashmir, Asia?
Who were police superintendents of airport security, Srinagar, Kashmir, Asia, from 1998 until now?
How do you monitor and arrest individuals whose names have been circulates for crimes like felonies from various sources?
How do you remind them they are involved in felony crimes and are not allowed to travel through airports, including Srinagar Airport?
How do you publicly display their name, photograph, and criminal offenses they are involved in that deserve the death penalty or life in prison?
How do you monitor cargo that comes by air through the airport in SXR, Srinagar, Kashmir?
What police, military police, and military operation have you done at SXR airport up to now that seized aircraft or arrested pilot involved in criminal offenses like felony crimes?
How many police, military police, and military officers with what equipment do you need to seize an aircraft and arrest individuals, including the pilot of the aircraft involved in class 1 felony crimes?
What do you do after you seize the aircraft with pilot arrest and detention of others?

Go ahead with inspection of aircraft, remind former operator we have changed the logo of aircraft.
Go ahead with independent service and specific route of aircraft.

What aircraft or airlines must land and take off from SXR Srinagar airport?
Air Asia.