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Cars Manufacturing
What is a Car?
How many cars are there in the world?
What should be included in car specifications?
What is a Car?
An automobile, autocar, motor car or car is a wheeled motor vehicle used for transporting passengers, which also carries its own engine or motor.

How many cars are there in the world?
It was estimated in 2010 that the number of automobiles had risen to over 1 billion vehicles, with 500 million reached in 1986.

Car specifications
What should be included in car specifications?
Car Image (Cars by Body Style or Type)
Fuel and propulsion technologies
Frame including axles
Key Features
Open source development
Safety Features
Seating and body style
Similar Cars:
    Ford Crown Victoria
    Chevrolet Caprice
    Hyundai Azera
Wheels and Tyres
Here are further guidelines.
Car Systems
Automatic Transmissions: Understand the concepts behind what goes on inside these technological marvels and what goes into repairing them when they fail.
Air Conditioner: Including Compressor, Condenser, Evaporator & Receiver Dryer
Battery: A look at how they work and what can go wrong with them.
Brakes: Including Disk & Drum Brakes, Master Cylinder, Power Booster & Anti-lock Brakes
Charging System: Including Alternator, Regulator & Battery
Cooling System: Including Radiator, Thermostat, Water Pump, Heater & Hoses
Dashboard Gauges: A look at the gauges on your instrument panel and how to read them.
Engine: Including Block, Heads, Pistons & Valves
Electrical Systems: Excellent courses on Electrical Fundamentals, Circuits, Controls and Electronics
Emissions System: Including Catalytic converter, Air Pump, Oxygen Sensor, Computer & PCV Valve
Fuel System: Includes Carburetor, Fuel Injection, Fuel Pump & Fuel Filter
Hybrid Power Systems: A detailed look at these new propulsion systems to determine how they are able to get exceptional fuel economy and equally impressive control over tailpipe emissions.
Ignition System:Includes Spark Plugs, Distributor, Ignition Wires & Coil
Starting System: Including the Battery, Starter, Ignition Switch & Neutral Safety Switch.
Steering Systems and Suspension Systems
The Timing Belt: What They Do, What Happens when they Fail
Wheel Alignment: With explanations of Caster, Camber, Toe-in along with other angles that are important to know about.
Car Materials
List of Car Parts
List of Car Parts
Alternatives to the automobile

Established alternatives for some aspects of automobile use include public transit such as buses, trolleybuses, trains, subways, tramways light rail, cycling, and walking.
Car classification (Motor Vehicle Classification)
    Length more than 495.3 cm (195 in) and wheelbase more than 279.4 cm (110 in)
    Length 457.3495.3 cm (180195 in) and wheelbase 266.8279.4 cm (105110 in)
    Length less than 457.2 cm (180 in) and wheelbase less than 266.7 cm (105 in)
    195in = 16ft 3in
    180195 in = 15ft 0in-16ft 3in
    180 in = 15ft 0in
    Here are further guidelines.
Noise pollution
Traffic collision
Traffic congestion
Car parts manufacturing guidelines
Car assembly guidelines utilize large-scale factory automation
    Cars Manufacturing
    Car assembly guidelines utilize large-scale factory automation
    Innovations and special care
    Raw materials
    Overseas production
    Machines and robots
    Environmental measures in general
    Machines and robots
    History of the car
    Cars (Data)
Car assembly guidelines one by one
    What constitutes an assembled vehicle?
    How is the model year determined for an assembled vehicle?
    Here are further guidelines.
Car types (car classification)

Here are further guidelines.
Car open source development

What do you understand by car open source development?
Here are further guidelines.
Vehicle inspection
Motor Vehicle Inspection
What are the inspection criteria for passenger cars and light duty trucks?
What are the inspection criteria for medium and heavy duty trucks and buses?
What are the inspection criteria for motorcycles?
What are the inspection criteria for motor-driven cycles and motorized pedalcycles?
Here are further guidelines.
Car driving guidelines
Car driving guidelines
Vehicle Class Guide
Car repairs and preventive maintenance
Car repairs and preventive maintenance
State Fuel and Garage Locations
State Fuel and Garage Locations