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What should be included in the complaint?

At least these seven issues should be addressed in the complaint.

1. Who has filed this complaint?

Did I understand your complaint exactly?

2. Who all are involved?

Who has inflicted the harms?

Who is the victim of harms?

Some of the names have been mentioned.

Some of the names will be revealed on further investigation.

3. Internet and communications have removed the obstacle of venue.

4. What harms have occurred?

5. What are the details of the harms?

6. What concept of law is applicable to these scenarios?

7. What relief is demanded?

What type of relief or adjudication is required?

A complaint needs solutions, remedies, and relief.

These include a declaratory directive that declares the rights, duties, or obligations of one or more parties in a dispute.

Also, restoration of rights, injunction, sanctions, pecuniary damages, punitive damages(punishments), and other relief.
Further Facts
Nowadays, there are online complaint management systems.

Is a cause of action and a complaint the same?
Yes, it is.

A complaint is also called details of harms.

Police Investigations

Online Complaint Management System

Questions state police need to answer.

Does the state police organization have an online complaint management system?

Does this case need to be reported to the coronerís office as well?

Is anyone involved in this case a threat to public safety?

If yes, arrest and detention are needed.

Does anyone involved in this case deserve the death penalty?

Here are the questions all involved need to answer.

Is there a difference between a grievance and a complaint?

Who writes the grievance policy?

What is his or her profile?

How are his or her character, behavior, and competence?

Who writes his or her annual performance report?

What is his or her answer to relevant questions?

What are the types of complaints?

What type of complaint is this?

What harms and/or issues have been included in this complaint?

Who is processing this complaint?

How did you verify that you and others understand the complaint properly?

What did you understand from the enclosures?

Is one or more than one person processing this complaint?

Who from the state of Illinois will process this complaint?

Do you have endorsement of the Illinois state housing and development department?

What type of advice, suggestions, or recommendations do you need from me?

Is there any assistance required from abroad?

What type of assistance is required?

Who has forwarded these details?

What concept of law do you think is applicable to the harms?