Writing a complaint letter
What are essential parts of a letter?
How should you write a complaint letter?
What is the address of the person writing the letter?
What date was the letter written?
What is the address of the recipient of the letter?
What should be the salutation (Dear sir or madam) of the letter?
What should be written in the body of the letter?

1. Introduction

Who is writing the letter?

2. Background

What is the background of these harms?

3. Harms/issues/problems - cause and effect

What is the main complaint about?
What concept of law is applicable to these harms?

4. Respondents

Who are the respondents of the complaint?
Who should be the respondents of the complaint?

5. Solution

How does the complaint need to be resolved?
Why does the complainant need these specific solutions or remedies?

6. Consequences of not resolving harms

What can happen if harms are not resolved?

7. Closing

What is expeceted of you?

Here are the facts.

I am Asif Qureshi.
I am writing this complaint after I have been harmed.

You are required to review my previous submission relevant to these harms, which have been elaborated in the enclosure.

Various concepts of law applicable to these harms include deprivation of rights under the color of law and repeated criminal conspiracies from oppressors.

Individuals involved in harms have been elaborated in the 31 pages of the enclosure.

You are required to find out if there are any other respondents involved in harms. Solutions and remedies have been elaborated in the enclosure.

You are required to reply by March 18, 2013.
If solutions and remedies are not fulfilled, various harmful establishments have to be closed and banned.

I look forward to solutions and remedies to harms.
I look forward to a prompt response.
How should a complaint look?

This is a complaint.
You are required to fully understand the complaint.
What did you understand from this complaint?

This complaint is submitted on January 17, 2013, as an update to previous complaints.

There have been no solutions and remedies to previously submitted complaints, claims, or harms, or existing complaints/harms.
I am writing to you after I received your communication on March 23, 2013.

I am getting far less remuneration and resources than others having similar products and services, skills and knowledge.