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Composite material
    What are composite materials?
    Composites are mixtures of two or more materials.

    Composites are the mixture of two materials, which in combination, offer superior properties to the materials alone. Structural composites usually refer to the use of fibers which are embedded in a plastic. These composites offer high strength with very little weight.

    Wood is a composite material made from lignin and cellulose.

    Wood makes use of lignin as a polymer and cellulose as a fiber to form a composite. The lignin holds the cellulose in place so that the wood can carry loads.Wood has excellent structural properties, in light of its low weight and high strength.

    Here are further guidelines.

    Composite material - Examples of composite materials:
    Ceramic Composites
    Cultured marble sinks and countertops
    Disc brake pads(hard ceramic particles embedded in soft metal matrix)
    Fiber-reinforced polymer
    Metal Composites
    Shower stalls and bathtubs(fibreglass)
    Imitation granite
    Wattle and daub(Old Construction)

    Natural Composites

    Woody plants
    Silky threads spun by the spider
    Composite materials
    Aircraft (composite)
    Fibre-reinforced plastic (Aircraft, Automotive)