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Conversation Questions Languages
How many languages do you speak fluently?
Does your language have words adopted from English?
Why are you studying English?
What language you like speaking in?
What language do you least like speaking in?
What's your favorite language?
What's your least favorite language?

What's the strangest language have you ever head?

Can you name any languages that are no longer spoken?

Do you think that disappearing languages should be protected or should we just let them fade away?
What languages are spoken the most throughout the world?
Which do you think is the most difficult language?
How many languages do you speak?
Do you know anyone who is monolingual?
Do you know anyone who is bilingual or multilingual?
Would you like to raise multilingual children?
Can you think of some disadvantages of being monolingual?
Have you ever visited a society where most people speak only one language?
Have you ever visited a society where most people speak more than one language?

Why is English used in so many places?
Do you think language affects thought?
Do you enjoy studying grammar?
What grammar question have you had lately?
When you study a language, do you like to study reading, writing, speaking and listening?
Have you ever had an emotional discussion in a language that you don't speak well?

Have you ever used a concordance to study language?

When you are getting an important message for the first time, are you more comfortable hearing it, or reading it?

When you produce language, are you more comfortable writing it, or saying it?