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Data Thefts
What is the duty of police in data thefts?
Police need to investigate question by question.

Who is been accused of data thefts?
Rajiv Gandhi University.
IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University).
Amity University.

Questions they need to answer.

Who has authored courses taught at these resources?
Where did they get these courses?
Who is the original author, creator of materials, questions, statements, or courses?
Did Rajiv Gandhi or Indira Gandhi author these courses themselves in the English language during their lifetime?

These are basic questions; there are many more.

Local police, powered by other departments, issue a violation notice to Rajiv Gandhi University and IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) with these questions.
Other educational resources need to be investigated as well.
There should be closure of these resources and destruction of data obtained with thefts at various locations by Indians.

There should be cancellation of visas to those involved in data thefts in America, Asia, or elsewhere associated directly or indirectly with server operations.

Data thefts are criminal offenses.
These include data thefts from servers, desktop computers, storage devices, crawling, or any other methods.

If you commit data thefts and establish Rajiv Gandhi University and IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University), this is forbidden. There are various methods of data thefts, all of which are criminal offenses.

How can data thefts be prevented?

Do not give access to servers to any individual likely to commit data thefts.

Crawling programs should be forbidden.

All web servers and search engines must be updated about these facts.
All people must be updated about these facts.

How many Indian-origin workers or their associates are directly and indirectly associated with you?
They and their associates are creating harms.

Do not give access to servers to anyone directly or indirectly associated with the Indian establishment.
They are involved in harms.

Increase server security.
Block crawling by search engines.
Start an investigation.
Who gave access to the data to Indian-origin workers?

Indians commit data thefts.
Their associates commit data thefts.
There should be a ban on Indians or former Indians working directly or indirectly on servers or data storage locations.
Indians should be banned from any surveillance location cameras.
There should be a ban on individuals directly or indirectly associated with them.
Various harms have occurred.

A person puts words together to create useful documents, data, guidelines, and intellectual property for years together. These criminals will come and commit data thefts: Is it justified?

What punishments do they deserve?
Data thefts violations should be issued to all involved in data thefts.
Punishments must go ahead.
There should be damages to those who became victims of data thefts from them.