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What is not disturbance?
What is disturbance?
What are examples of disturbance?
What is not disturbance?
A protest is not disturbance.
Filing a complaint is not disturbance.
Giving a reminder that one has a duty is not disturbance.

What is disturbance?
Interrupting or interfering in someone’s everyday activities is disturbance.
Unreasonable interruption, interference, or annoyance is disturbance.
Something that interrupts you and stops you from continuing what you were doing is disturbance.

Make sure you know the difference between disturbance relevant to activities of everyday living and survival needs.

Depriving anyone of survival needs or deprivation of rights under the color of law is applicable.

Unreasonably and knowingly disturbing or alarming another person or persons is disturbance.

What are examples of disturbance?
Noise disturbance.
Social gatherings that generate overly loud conversation.
Vehicular or pedestrian traffic disturbance.
Offensive language (On October 8, 2013, Chicago police officer Morris used offensive language (fuck, fuck) during conversation while on duty. Is it disorderly conduct? Yes.)
Being drunk
Openly exposing or exhibiting oneself in an indecent way in a public place.

Discussion questions

A person asked me this question:
If a loud noise is disturbance or nuisance-related, who should be charged with disturbance or nuisance caused by the loud noise of a subway train in Chicago, Illinois?

You have the right to have your peace not disturbed at any time of day or night.