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Domestic Violence
False Domestic Violence Accusation and Perjury Prosecution
How should you investigate a case of reported domestic violence?

How did you verify it is not a lie?
Is it a lie?
Did you apply the proper concept of law to this case scenario?
Is it a criminal conspiracy, domestic violence, or something else?
Is it a criminal conspiracy under false pretext?

If it is a lie, a complainant who lies with or without others is the offender and the person who has been falsely accused is the victim. Further investigation is required.

If the complainant truthfully reveals who instigated her lie, that individual or individuals become the offenders.

If a female was asked to lie under the pretext of domestic violence by fraudulently placed administrators involved in various harms, what is it?
Criminal conspiracy.
Intentional harms.
A lie/lies can create public disorder.
A lie/lies lead to irreparable harms in the life of others.

Who instigated the female to lie?
Who else is involved in asking her to lie?

They are the offenders.
Community alert: You are dealing with a liar or liars.
You should spend six months to two years in jail, and further punishment depending on harms.
Profile all involved in detention for public safety and community wellness.
Conditional release if she/he/they will not lie further.
Punishment of those involved in criminal conspiracies.

Is reported domestic violence always true?

What causes a female to lie about being a victim of domestic violence?
Politically motivated criminal conspiracy.
Personality disorder.
Instigation by others to file a false report.
Report under duress.
Material gain.
Other causes.

What causes a male to perpetuate verified domestic violence?
Gang member.
Other causes.

How do you define domestic violence?
One definition of domestic violence is physical, sexual, emotional, economic, psychological, social manifestations.

You have to be precise in your definition of domestic violence.

What exactly happened that makes you think this is domestic violence?
Did you verify other causes that usually lead to false reports of domestic violence?

Are there differences among protest, agitation, and violence?

What have been findings of various reported domestic violence?
Politically motivated criminal conspiracy to do harm.
Misinterpretation of facts.
Monopoly harming an individual under the pretext of domestic violence.
Lies for vested motives.

What questions should be asked in case of reported domestic violence?

Questions that need to be answered

Is anyone utilizing this female to report domestic violence for vested interests?
How are the character, behavior, and competence of the female?
Is this a case of domestic violence?
How did you verify that this is a case of domestic violence?
What should happen in case of intentional misinterpretation of facts under the pretext of domestic violence?

What is not domestic violence?
A false report.

What are the consequences of a false report?
There can be charges of misdemeanor for filing a false report, even by a female.
Penalty can be one year in jail at least.
There can be further punishments depending on the harms caused by a false report.
There should be relief to the victim of false report.

How can false reports of domestic violence be prevented?
Females should be educated about what is really domestic violence and what is not domestic violence.
Police, lawyers, judges, and counselors should be made aware of the existence of false reports of domestic violence.

How can verified domestic violence be prevented?
There should be education of all regarding what is domestic violence and what is not domestic violence.
There should be awareness of consequences of false reports of domestic violence.