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Facilities Manager
What is a facility?
A facility is a building, plant, structure, house, or location built, established, or installed for one or more specific purpose like living, home office, office, food and supplies, water supplies, electricity generation, product manufacturing, etc.

What should facilities managers know about the state and their specific job?
State housing and development.
State planning and development.
Human rights.
Profile of specific facility or facilities.
Do not get involved in embezzlement.

What locations do not need a facility manager?
Houses for 1-10 residents.

Profile of facility

What best describes the facility?
Airport facility.
Building (10100 units or more) for housing, home office, offices.
Bus terminal and garages facility.
Community health center facility.
Food and supplies facility.
House for 1-10 residents.
Office facility open 8-5 Monday through Friday.
Hospital facility.
Trucks facilities (Specify type: food/fuel/Materials, etc.)
Train station

State housing and development will maintain these facts

How many total facilities are there in the state?
What is the mailing address?
What is the profile of each facility in the state?
What is the plinth area of the facility?
How many bathrooms and toilets are there in the facility?
How many kitchens are there in the facility?
How many living rooms are there in the facility?
What is the purpose of the facility?

What do Facility Managers Need to Know?
Facilities managers maintain the buildings and grounds of an organization, directing staff and overseeing the upkeep of equipment and supplies. Facilities managers make sure the buildings and grounds are maintained, which entails daily and weekly cleaning schedules as well as determining and scheduling repairs, renovation projects, waste reduction improvements and safety inspections.
Emergency Maintenance
Fire safety
Health and safety
Maintenance, testing and inspection
Role of the Facilities Manager
Space allocation and changes
State housing and development
A house for 1-10 does not need a facility manager.

This facility does not need a facility manager.
A resident is expected to clean the room himself or herself.
Corridor surfaces can have rotation for cleaning.

Facilities manager for building (10100 units or more)
for housing, home office, offices.
What are the duties of a facilities manager?
Cleanliness of facility surfaces, including floor of corridors, stairs, lifts.
Supervise janitorial staff.
Yearly fire alarm system testing.
Yearly safety inspection for repairs.
Repairs from time to time.
Supervise maintenance staff.
Make sure repair work orders are fixed in a timely manner.
If a person plans to live at a location for more than the next five years, there is no need for yearly recertification. Yearly update needs to be done.
Those who ask for yearly recertification must be updated about these facts.
Do not harass residents.
Do not lie.
Do not misinterpret the facts.
Do not get involved in any harms.

What resources does a facilities manager get?
Access to repair resources.
Access to cleaning resources.
State department of engineering has to provide these resources.

Is there a difference between a facilities manager and medical director at a community health center?
Yes, there is.

Who should ideally be a medical director of a community health center?
An experienced doctor (physician) should be a medical director of a community health center.

Here are further guidelines.