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If people are intentionally being starved, that is not famine. That is criminal wrongdoing.

What should be included in the charges?
Failure to provide necessities.

Who should be charged in these harms?
The head of the state administration and down the hierarchy.

If any area in the world doesn't produce foodstuff for two successive years and there is possibility of famine, it should be declared inhabitable for humans and people should be evacuated from the area.

People can be relocated back to the same area once it becomes habitable for human beings.

On July 20, 2011, areas of Somalia were identified as regions with famine.

One statement reveals that famine will spread to eight regions of southern Somalia within two months, due to poor harvests and infectious diseases.

This is not a true picture of famine.
This is improper management of the state.
Every state maintains buffer stocks of foods for at least two years in case of recession or drought.
Do not ask for any funding.
Getting involved in funding is a ploy to exploit people at risk and distress.
Ask people to enhance research to answer relevant questions truthfully and prevent the harms.
In case of genuine famine, contribute foodstuff.
Relocate people to safe areas.

People of Somalia:
Who is the best person in Somalia to verify these issues?
Who is head of the department of emergency in the state?
Who in the world has surplus foodstuff and is willing to contribute it to Somalia on emergency basis?
Who is willing to provide aircraft to deliver it?