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Health Alerts
World Alert
Most of the medical doctors who have been educated at SMHS or SKIMS, Srinagar, Kashmir, up to July 15, 2013 have accomplished the same with fraud, deceit, getting involved in criminal activities, and hobnobbing with fraudulently placed corrupt, harmful regimes.

They are harmful.
They have inflicted harms.
Do not allow them to get involved in public issues.
Replacement with premature retirement is the only option.
Those involved in harms have to be punished.

Those among newcomers who show extraordinary ability of good character, good behavior, insight of rights, and competence by answering relevant questions should be reinforced and promoted.

If a person claims to have a job in health care as a medical doctor, getting comparatively more remuneration, does that mean he or she is serving the public?
No, it does not.

What is the proof of this claim?

Getting remuneration of a medical doctor and claims of a job in health care does not mean a person is serving the public. The quality of medical doctors is not good.
Many existing medical doctors are not able to answer relevant questions.
Many existing medical doctors are not able to reach a correct diagnosis and treatment in various health care settings.
Many existing medical doctors are not able to display health care guidelines publicly.
Many existing medical doctors are only after remuneration after being fradulently placed at various locations, thus harming the public.

What should you know about others who claim to be medical specialists?

Their incompetence is elaborated at this location: http://www.qureshiuniversity.com/healthcarecomplaint.html

What is the proof that those who claim to be medical specialists are not real medical specialists?

Ask them relevant questions.
They are not able to answer relevant questions.

Here are further guidelines.