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Which health care providers have directly or indirectly inflicted harms up to now?
Asif Qureshi
5042 N Winthrop Ave # 237
Chicago, Illinois 60640

April 25, 2012

Illinois Department of Public Health
535 West Jefferson Street
Springfield Illinois 62761

Dear Sir or Madam:

Circulate this to all.

What is wrong with medical doctors or health care resources nominated to 5042 N Winthrop Ave Chicago, Illinois, and in this area?

They do not have answers to relevant questions.

I know what is primary health care.
They do not know what is primary health care.

I know how to diagnose and treat all medical emergencies.
They do not know how to diagnose and treat all medical emergencies.

I am willing to do continuing education of existing medical doctors.

If there is deficiency of medical doctors, I am willing to educate new medical students.

Medical emergencies in the vicinity have namesake medical doctors unable to reach a correct diagnosis and treatment.

In various scenarios, medical emergencies get attended to by workers who are not competent medical doctors.

If a person does not have a health care problem that needs consultation, he or she still needs primary health care.

If a person displays a medical license or certification of being a medical doctor without being able to answers relevant questions, I won't see such a medical doctor or health care resource.

Being a licensed or certified medical doctor does not guarantee he or she is able to reach a correct diagnosis and treatment. Being a licensed or certified medical doctor does not guarantee he or she is able to reply to relevant questions.

There should be at least two medical doctors within each building with a capacity of 160 units.

Slowly, things will be better.

What should various state administrations advise residents? Before seeing a medical doctor, take a look at this: www.qureshiouniversity.com/healthcareworld.html. Most of the questions are already answered.

Excuses that medical doctors or health care resources are busy do not justify any harms or negligence. They must fulfill their duty in the most competent manner.

What is primary health care?

A health care resource advertises capabilities of screening hypertension and diabetes. That is not primary health care. That is quackery.

Such activities are planned on April 20, 2012, at Near North Center, Chicago, Illinois. Heartland Alliance Chicago, Illinois, also is involved in similar quackery.

Asian Human Services has declared an annual health fair on April 25, 2012, in Chicago, Illinois, to screen specific medical conditions.

Can so many residents be screened for so many medical conditions in one day by a few medical doctors?
No, they cannot.

How many residents should be assigned to a medical doctor for primary health care?
One handred patients per medical doctor.

What should a health care resource be able to provide in primary health care?
Here are further guidelines.

Should primary health care or hospitals organize health care discussions in communities?
Yes, they should.

What are advantages of organizing health care discussions?
Patient education.
Discussion relevant to stress decreases stress.

What equipment and resources should ideally be in a primary health center?
1. Height measuring scale.
2. Weighing scale.
3. Snells chart for vision screening.
4. Blood biochemistry analyzer.
5. Computer with Internet connection.
6. Human thermometer.
7. Blood pressure equipment.
8. Competent medical doctors and staff.

What equipment and resources should ideally be in a hospital emergency facility?
1. All equipment required in primary health center plus equipment elaborated below.
2. Crash cart.
3. Hospital emergency bed.
4. Electronic monitor.
5. Competent medical doctors and staff.

Those in primary health care should know you are in public service.
You should know about state economy and state budget.

Existing resident services can be educated to be medical doctors and provide primary health care.

Questions you need to answer.

What did you understand?

Who nominates or recommends health care resources for the residents in the building and this area?

Is he or she a medical doctor?

What are his or her skills and knowledge?

Is he or she able to answer relevant questions?

Who has duty to provide and supervise such health care services in this area from the state department of health?

How would you like to resolve these problems?

How soon should I expect a response from you?
Food and Drug Administration
Center for Drug Evaluation and Research
Office of Prescription Drug Promotion
5901-B Ammendale Road
Beltsville, MD 20705-1266
Illinois Department of Professional Regulation
320 West Washington St
Springfield, Illinois 62786