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Questions relevant to immigration

    What is immigration?
    What locations can a person immigrate to?
    Who should ideally get involved in immigration in various states?
    What questions should a person who gets involved in immigration issues be able to answer?
State Immigrations

    What should be the skills and knowledge of the state director of immigrations?
    Who should oversee immigration services of the state?
    Why have some immigration acts, directives, and statutes become obsolete?
    Does any state have a quota for immigrants with answer to these questions?
    E-mail, fax, call, forward a postal mail.

    Asif Qureshi
    5042 N Winthrop Ave # 237
    Chicago, Illinois 60640

    If there is change of postal address, it will be displayed.

    We need to have e-mail communication.

Immigration Reform

What are various genuine initiatives for immigration reform?
Women's issues and immigration
    What are various reported harms up to now?
    What should you take care of while issuing any visa or permit for women?
    Do you think it is justified to speak on behalf of the United States without endorsement of all state governors and state governing councils? Do you have the endorsement of all state governors and state governing councils? Do those governors and state governing councils have the answers to all competence questions?
Why should the green card system be abolished?
This example will make you understand.
On June 2, 2012, around 1 pm, a person approached me at Winona and Sheridan, Chicago, Illinois.
He is a green card holder; however, he does not have proper resources.
What state has the duty to take care of his needs?
Here are the essential issues.
The Green Card system has to be discarded.
Immigration is a state subject.
People should be categorized as documented and undocumented residents.
The U.S. Congress, Department of State, and White House should be dissolved.
Competent state administrations should take care of people. Programs of every state department of human services should be enhanced.
Anyone in public service involved in harms should be punished.
Everyone in every state should get a state link card equal to link card of Illinois or ration card of Asia.
Those getting unfairly higher remuneration should know they do not deserve it and are getting it unfairly.
Their remuneration should be reduced and put on the link card. All of you should know you are in public service; discretion is not an option.
Various relevant enclosures are attached.
All workers linked to state immigration and outside state immigration should get educated with relevant questions of good character, good behavior, insight of rights, state economy, and state budget.
This includes officers, directors, judges, and other relevant staff.
I am willing to educate them.

I am Asif Qureshi.
I am the founder of Qureshi University and the Global Democratic party.

I am a medical doctor.
Take a look at this.

This is in addition to being a medical doctor.
What are the key products and services?
Search engine, consultancy services, professional training, books, other products and services.

Take a look at this.

How many competent medical doctors do you need?
How many competent administrators do you need?
How many competent news editors do you need?
How many competent lawyers do you need?
How many competent judges do you need?
How many competent legislators do you need?
How many competent police officers do you need?
How many competent teachers do you need?
How many competent engineers do you need?
How many competent correctional officers do you need?
How many competent entrepreneurs do you need?
How many competent governors do you need?
How many competent professionals do you need in essential areas of the economy?

Qureshi University can educate them in a short period of time. I can educate them within a short period of time.

What are the values of the Global Democratic Party?
Good human character, good human behavior, rights, economy, budget, and proper state planning and development with a global perspective.
Here are further guidelines.