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Individualized security
What is individualized security?
An individual having a guard escorting him or her while walking on the road or elsewhere.

If all the residents of the state ask for individualized security, is it possible?

Who gets individualized security in the state or outside the state?
A truthful person who maintains good behavior and does not harm anyone, is highly competent due to his or her truthfulness, has good behavior, does public service, and is likely to be harmed due to these qualities should get individualized security.

What will happen if individualized security is given to an individual who is a liar, badly behaved, incompetent, and has harmed others?
People will lose confidence in the system, within the state and outside the state.

Those who arranged or permitted such security within the state and outside the state should lose their jobs.
There should be further punishments.

Why do we need jails in the state and outside the state? A liar and badly behaved individual who has harmed others has to be transferred to jail or a correctional center. Depending on the harms he or she has inflicted, there should be further punishments.
Know the criminal law then get involved in state or non-state administration.

In what situations can individualized security not be given?
Individualized security cannot be given to enhance criminal conspiracy.
Individualized security cannot be given in case exploitation of women is occurring or has occurred.