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Human Resources Kashmir
Who is who in Kashmir?
Essential departments in Kashmir, Asia, and outside Kashmir, Asia
Everyone must enhance essential departments in Kashmir, Asia, and outside Kashmir, Asia.

What should you do if anyone wants to be head of an essential departments in Kashmir, Asia, or outside Kashmir, Asia?
If anyone wants to be head of a specific essential department in Kashmir, Asia, he or she must publicly display his or her abilities relevant to public services. He or she must be able to guide others relevant to the essential department in Kashmir, Asia, and outside Kashmir, Asia.

Do you know what essential departments are in Kashmir, Asia, and outside Kashmir, Asia?

What are examples of essential department in Kashmir, Asia?

There are at least 44 essential departments in Kashmir, Asia.
  1. Accountants and auditors department of Kashmir.

  2. Agriculture and food sciences department of Kashmir.

  3. Aviation department of Kashmir.

  4. Clothing of Kashmir department.

  5. Complaints of Kashmir department.

  6. Computers and Internet of Kashmir department.

  7. Corrections department of Kashmir.

  8. Defense department of Kashmir.

  9. Economy and budget department of Kashmir.

  10. Electricity department of Kashmir.

  11. Emergency management offices and agencies of Kashmir.

  12. Emergency medical services department of Kashmir.

  13. Engineering department of Kashmir.

  14. English language department of Kashmir.

  15. Estates department of Kashmir.

  16. Fire department of Kashmir.

  17. Food and supplies department of Kashmir.

  18. Footwear department of Kashmir.

  19. Fuel department of Kashmir.

  20. Health department of Kashmir.

  21. Higher education department of Kashmir.

  22. Hospitality and Protocol department of Kashmir.

  23. Housing and development department of Kashmir.

  24. Human Resources department of Kashmir.

  25. Human services department of Kashmir.

  26. Information and broadcasting department of Kashmir.

  27. Irrigation & Flood Control department of Kashmir.

  28. Law/justice department of Kashmir.

  29. Mechanical engineering department of Kashmir.

  30. Planning and development department of Kashmir.

  31. Police department of Kashmir.

  32. Postal service department of Kashmir.

  33. Printing department of Kashmir.

  34. Public health department of Kashmir.

  35. Public libraries department of Kashmir.

  36. Recycling plants department of Kashmir.

  37. Roads & Buildings department of Kashmir.

  38. Secretary in Chief of Kashmir.

  39. School education department of Kashmir.

  40. Telecommunications department of Kashmir.

  41. Textiles department of Kashmir.

  42. Transportation department of Kashmir.

  43. Water department of Kashmir.

  44. Weather and climate department of Kashmir.
If any other Kashmir department, specify how this department is essential.

What are examples of essential departments outside Kashmir, Asia, similar to essential departments in Kashmir, Asia?
Kashmir department of Education in Asia = California Department of Education in North America.
Kashmir department of Health in Asia = California Department of Health in North America.
Kashmir department of food and supplies in Asia = California Department of food and supplies in North America.
There are 44 similar department in Kashmir, Asia.
  1. Advice for various residents.

  2. Advice for various essential departments in various states.

  3. Areas

  4. Land total dimensions of Kashmir

  5. Products manufactured by engineering department in Kashmir

  6. Truthful, well behaved Individuals from Kashmir

  7. Vehicles

Accountants and auditors department of Kashmir.
How do you do world inventory accounting?
Here are further guidelines.

Agriculture and food sciences department of Kashmir.
What is the total land area of Kashmir?
Total land area of Kashmir is 360,000 square miles with expansion toward east and north. Land area in square miles: 360,000 square miles with expansion toward east and north. Persons per square mile 2014:
Land with agriculture more than 8 lakh hectares in 2013.
Out of total agriculture land of 8.26 lakh hectares, horticulture comprises 3.5 lakh hectares of land.
Here are further guidelines.

Aviation department of Kashmir.
Who is who in this department of Kashmir?
You are required to forward profile of individuals relevant to this department of Kashmir.

  1. Awantipur Air Force Station

  2. Chilas Airport

  3. Daulat Beg Oldi Advanced Landing Ground IN-0003

  4. Gilgit Airport

  5. Fukche Advanced Landing Ground VI66

  6. Jammu Airport IXJ

  7. Kargil Airport VI65

  8. Leh Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport IXL

  9. Poonch Airport IN-0088

  10. Rajouri Airport RJI

  11. Srinagar Airport SXR

  12. Skardu Airport

  13. Thoise Airport VI57

  14. Udhampur Air Force Station VIUX

Srinagar Airport SXR
General information
Airport codes: SXR VISR
Type: International airport
Scheduled airline service: yes
Serves: Srinagar, Kashmir, Asia
Latitude: 33.987099 | 33 59.225922 N | N33 59 13
Longitude: 74.774200 | 74 46.452026 E | E074 46 27
Field elevation: 5,429 ft/1,655 m MSL
Magnetic variation: 2.0°E
Radio communication frequencies for Srinagar Airport A/G: 893.9 MHz (RDO)
TWR: 127.9 MHz

Runways at Srinagar Airport
13/31 12,090 x 150 ft (3,685 x 46 m) — paved — lighted

Aviation weather for Srinagar Airport
Current conditions (METAR) for Srinagar Airport

VISR 050930Z 32020KT 4000 TS FEW030 CB BKN090 21/09 Q1019 BECMG 3000MForecast (TAF) for Srinagar Airport

TAF VISR 260300Z 2606/2615 VRB02KT 6000 SCT020 BKN070
TEMPO 2608/2614 1500 TSRA FEW025CBNotices to Airmen (NOTAM) for Srinagar Airport Please confirm all NOTAMs

Closest navaids to Srinagar Airport
Srinagar NDB
Srinagar VOR-DME
Rawalakot NDB
Muzaffarabad NDB
Jammu NDB
Islamabad VOR-DME
Islamabad NDB

Advice for various residents.
Advice for residents in the state or outside the state.
What should you do if you have any issues and need help?
Approach various essential departments at walkable distance in the state. If office of essential departments is not available at walkable distance, circulate in news report that an office of essential departments needs to be established at walkable distance in the state.
Approach an officer on duty and submit issues to officer on duty with supervisor.
Officers are required to maintain professional ethics or can lose their job with punishments if they get involved in criminal activities.

What advice is there for residents in the state or outside the state?
You should never lie.
You should always speak the truth.
If you are asked questions about an issue, you should answer truthfully to the best of your abilities and knowledge.
You should not harm others.
Maintain track record of good character and good behavior.
Your track record for the last 10 years will be considered in case of any legal issues.
Do not get involved in any felony or misdemeanor.

What questions should resident answer relevant to their issues?
Questions you need to answer.
What are the issues?
What is your name and date of birth?
What is your mailing address?
What offices of essential departments need to be established at walkable distance at this location?

What are residents’ responsibilities?
All residents must list their abilities/skills with department of food and supplies, and department of human services in the state at least.

What are essential departments in every state?
There are 45 essential departments in every state.

What should you do if you have to give a referral or reference outside the state?
Verify equivalent of these mentioned departments in the state.

Advice for various essential departments in various states.
What directives are there for various essential departments in various states?
Maintain head of the department with second, third, fourth, and fifth on duty.
In case one is unable to resolve issues, second, third, fourth, and fifth on duty is around to guide others.

Engineering department of Kashmir.
Engineering scenario in Kashmir
Who are who among engineers in Kashmir?
Kashmir has lacked highly skilled engineers up to 2015.
This is one of reason specific products are not manufactured in Kashmir.

What is the requirement relevant to engineers in Kashmir?
In Kashmir, specific product manufacturing engineers are required for fuel oil, aluminum, iron, electrical products, machines, pharmaceutical products, vehicles, and education materials. These services have to go ahead through various departments in Kashmir.

English language department of Kashmir.
Communication Abilities
State department of English language

Estates department of Kashmir.
Estates Units in Kashmir
How many Estates Units are there in Kashmir?
On February 10, 2015, there was a total of 3167 buildings/bungalows/quarters units in Kashmir. Further establishment of estates units is required in Leh, Aksai, etc.
Here are further facts.

Fuel department of Kashmir.
Fuel oil production
What is the scenario of fuel oil production in Kashmir?
It is under feasibility analysis.

What is the consumption of fuel oil in Kashmir each year?
It is under analysis for 2014.

Health department of Kashmir.
Human healthcare scenario in Kashmir.
What is the human healthcare scenario of Kashmir?
Human healthcare of Kashmir is in shambles. This holds true up to April 3, 2015.


Various individuals have been selected and placed at various locations in past years by fraudulent regimes.
They are concerned for their remuneration and enhancing their nefarious designs while people are been harmed.
Their focus should be public health enhancement and individualized health enhancement.
They have to face premature retirement.
New physicians must be encouraged to get involved in public health enhancements and individualized health enhancement.
They must prove their competence by circulating guidelines through media, including presentation on TV programs in the English language.

You must know that those who have exempt posting now once worked like you with nonexempt posting.

Hospitals in Kashmir

Soura Institute of Medical Sciences in Srinagar
Lal Ded
Sumbal hospital
Pattan hospital
District hospitals in Kashmir
Primary health centers in Kashmir

Telecommunications department of Kashmir.
Here are further guidelines.

Textiles department of Kashmir.
Here are further guidelines.

Transportation department of Kashmir.
General Bus Stand
General Bus Stand Batamaloo
General Bus Stand, Anantnag
General Bus Stand Baramulla
Bus Stand Kargil
Kupwara bus stand
Leh Bus Stand
Bus Station in Sonamarg
Sopore Bus Stand

Products manufactured by engineering department in Kashmir.
What products are manufactured by the engineering department in Kashmir?
All engineers in Kashmir must be reminded that they have to annually show that they participated in product manufacturing that enhanced economy.

School education department of Kashmir.
Schools in Kashmir
How many schools are there in Kashmir?
Total number of schools: 14,376 in year 2011

What is the enrollment of schools in Kashmir?
Total school enrollment: 1,522,959 in year 2011
Kashmir Schools
Here are further facts.

Housing and development department of Kashmir.
Housing total units in Kashmir
How many housing units are there in Kashmir?
Housing units 2014 :
Total housing units in Kashmir
Here are further guidelines.

Hospitality and Protocol department of Kashmir.
Kashmir hospitality and protocol regulated hotels.
How many hotels are regulated by Kashmir hospitality and protocol?

Human Resources department of Kashmir.
Human Resources Kashmir
Who is who in Kashmir?
  1. Aviation human resources Kashmir.

  2. Agriculture and food sciences, human resources Kashmir.

  3. Defense human resources Kashmir.

  4. Economy and budget human resources Kashmir.

  5. Electricity human resources Kashmir.

  6. Engineering human resources Kashmir.

  7. Executive staff.

  8. Food and supplies human resources Kashmir.

  9. Health human resources Kashmir.

  10. Higher education human resources Kashmir.

  11. Housing and development human resources Kashmir.

  12. Hospitality and Protocol human resources Kashmir.

  13. Human services human resources Kashmir.

  14. Human Resources human resources Kashmir.

  15. Information and broadcasting human resources Kashmir.

  16. Irrigation & Flood Control human resources Kashmir.

  17. Kashmiri representative in North America, Latin, Australia, Africa, other Asian states.

  18. Law/justice human resources Kashmir.

  19. Mechanical engineering human resources Kashmir.

  20. Public health human resources Kashmir.

  21. Planning and development human resources Kashmir.

  22. Police human resources Kashmir.

  23. Public Libraries human resources Kashmir.

  24. Roads & Buildings human resources Kashmir.

  25. Secretary of State human resources Kashmir.

  26. School education human resources Kashmir.

  27. State offices and agencies of emergency management human resources Kashmir.

  28. Textiles human resources Kashmir.

  29. Telecommunications human resources Kashmir.

  30. Transportation human resources Kashmir.

  31. Water human resources Kashmir.

  32. World government human resources from various states around the world.

What nominees do you have?
How should you forward your profile?

Here is a sample profile.

If your profile is available, then we can speak on the telephone or have a face-to-face meeting.

Police department of Kashmir.
Police human resources Kashmir.
Police Recruitment Board Kashmir.
Police Recruitment Board Kashmir.

Do you have any nominee for Police Recruitment Board Kashmir?

What should be abilities of nominee for Police Recruitment Board Kashmir?

He or she should be truthful.
He or she should be well behaved.
He or she should have public service focus.
He or she should know everything about: 1.State Criminal law (state law) 2.Civil law. 3.International law. 4.Administrative law in the state. 5.State constitution or world constitution.
6.Police equipment orientation and training has to be taught at the end.
He or she should be good at English language and one local language.
He or she should have abilities to guide others publicly through various communication methods and face-to-face in-person.

Here are further guidelines.

Here are further guidelines.
  1. Anantnag

  2. Aksai

  3. Awantipora

  4. Bandipora

  5. Baralach La

  6. Baramulla

  7. Budgam

  8. Chilas

  9. Doda

  10. Demchok

  11. Ganderbal

  12. Gilgit

  13. Gilgit Wazarat

  14. Haji Langar

  15. Handwara

  16. Hunder

  17. Jammu

  18. Kargil

  19. Kathua

  20. Khardung La

  21. Kishtwar

  22. Kulgam

  23. Kupwara

  24. Leh

  25. Mirpur

  26. Muzaffarabad

  27. Poonch

  28. Pulwama

  29. Rajouri

  30. Ramban

  31. Reasi

  32. Samba

  33. Shaksgam

  34. Shopian

  35. Sopore

  36. Srinagar

  37. TSO Moriri

  38. TSO Pangong

  39. Udhampur

Police Station

  1. Abikarlpora

  2. Akpora

  3. Amirakadal

  4. Aripanthan

  5. Babademb

  6. Badiyarbala

  7. Badran

  8. Baghalyas

  9. Baghmehtab

  10. Ban Mohalla

  11. Batamaloo Police Station

  12. Batwara

  13. Bemina

  14. Brein

  15. Buchpora

  16. Budshah Chowk

  17. Centralmarket

  18. Chadoora

  19. Chanpora Srinagar

  20. Chararisharif

  21. Courtroad

  22. Durganagh

  23. Fatehkadal

  24. Ganderbal

  25. Gojwara

  26. Gund

  27. Habbakadal

  28. Harigaiwan

  29. Harwan

  30. Hazratbal

  31. Hazratbal Near Kashmir University Srinagar

  32. Humhama

  33. Hyderpura

  34. Jamiamasjid

  35. Jawaharnagar

  36. Kangan

  37. Karanagar

  38. Karannagar

  39. Kashmiruniversity

  40. Kastigarh

  41. Kathidarwaza

  42. Khanyar

  43. Khrew

  44. Khunmoh

  45. Kothibagh

  46. Koh-e-Maran (Hariparbat Kila)

  47. Kral Khud Police Station

  48. Kulan

  49. Lalbazar

  50. Lalchowk

  51. Lasjan

  52. M.R.Gunj

  53. Maisuma Chowk

  54. Mamer

  55. Nageen

  56. Nandpora

  57. Naoshera

  58. Narwara

  59. Naseembagh

  60. Natipora

  61. Nawabazar

  62. Near Bakshi Stadium Srinagar

  63. Near Bus Stand Batmaloo Srinagar

  64. Near Dastigeer Sahib Shrine (PA) Srinagar

  65. Near Exchange Building Srinagar

  66. Near Harwan Garden Srinagar

  67. Near Nishat Garden Srinagar

  68. Near S.K.Cricket Stadium Srinagar

  69. Near Sadder, Srinagar

  70. Near SMC Srinagar

  71. Nehru Park Srinagar

  72. Nigeen Near Nigeen Lake Srinagar

  73. Nishat

  74. Nowgam Near Main Chowk Srinagar

  75. Noorbagh

  76. Noushara

  77. Nowgam

  78. Nowhatta

  79. Pambagh

  80. Pampore

  81. Pandrethan

  82. Panthachowk

  83. Parimpora

  84. Qamarwari

  85. Rawalpora

  86. Rambagh Srinagar

  87. Rainawaari

  88. Raj Bagh Police Station

  89. Saddar Barzulla Baghat Srinagar

  90. Safakadal Near Idgah Srinagar

  91. Santnagar

  92. Sathoo

  93. Sathu

  94. Sbala

  95. Shamswari

  96. Shargari

  97. Sheedgung

  98. Sksubfagnpost

  99. Sheergali

  100. SMHS Hospital Srinagar

  101. Sonamarg

  102. Sonawari

  103. Soura

  104. Soura Near SKIMS Soura Srinagar

  105. Srgunj

  106. Srinagargpo

  107. Sriranbirgunj

  108. Trcentre

  109. Tullmulla

  110. Wangat

  111. Wuyan

  112. West Parimpora, Srinagar

  113. West, Near PHC Bemina Srinagar

  114. Zadibal

  115. Zainakot

  116. Zainakote

  117. Zakoora

  118. Zawan
  1. Awantipora Police Station

  2. Tral Police Station

  3. Pampora Police Station

  4. Rajpora Police Station
Police Station Telephone Numbers
  1. Jammu

  2. R.S.Pura

  3. Arnia

  4. Miran Sahib

  5. Bishnah

  6. Rural Jammu

  7. Akhnoor

  8. Khour

  9. Ghorata

  10. Domana at Patoli Brahmina Jammu

  11. Domana

  12. Kana Chack

  13. Nagrota

  14. Jajjer Kotli

  15. South Jammu Gandhi Nagar Jammu

  16. Gandhi Nagar Jammu

  17. Satwari Jammu

  18. Gangyal Jammu

  19. East Jammu Narwal Jammu

  20. Bahu-Fort Jammu

  21. Bagh-e-Bahu Jammu

  22. Channi Himmat Jammu

  23. North Parade Ground Jammu

  24. West Jammu

  25. Gurha Morh Bakshi Nagar

  26. Bakshi Nagar

  27. Gurha Morh Bakshi Nagar Jammu

  28. Nowabad Jewal Chowk Jammu

  29. Janipur Jammu

  30. Women Cell Canal Road Jammu

  31. North Shalamar Road

  32. Ranweshwer Jammu

  33. Shalamar Road

  34. Ranweshwer Jammu

  35. Pacca Danga Palace Road

  36. Kachi Chaeani Jammu

  37. Peer Mitha Jammu

  38. Bus Stand Jammu

Police Station Telephone Numbers
  1. Kathua

  2. Lakhanpur

  3. Chadwal

  4. Hiranagar

  5. Rajbagh

  6. Basohli

  7. Billawar

  8. Malhar

  9. Bani
Police Station Telephone Numbers
    Vijaypur near P/S Vijaypur
  1. Vijaypur on NHW Vijaypur

  2. Ramgarh

  3. Bari Brahmana nr P/S Bari Brahmana

  4. Parmandal

  5. Samba

  6. Samba Nr Distt. Hospital

  7. Ghagwal at NHW Jatwal

  8. Samba at Mansar Road Shah Balode Samba
Police Station Telephone Numbers
  1. Rehambal

  2. Panchari

  3. Majalta

  4. Kud

  5. Cheneni

  6. Latti

  7. Ramnagar

  8. Basantgarh
Police Station Telephone Numbers
  1. Pouni

  2. Ransoo

  3. Arnas

  4. Mahore

  5. Chassana

  6. Katra

  7. Bhawan
Police Station Telephone Numbers
  1. Kandhi Budhal

  2. Kandhi

  3. Budhal

  4. Rajouri

  5. Manjakote

  6. Thanamandi

  7. Darhal

  8. Nowshera

  9. Sunderbani

  10. Dharamsal

  11. kalakote
Police Station Telephone Numbers
  1. Mendar

  2. Gursai

  3. Haveli

  4. Mandi

  5. Loran

  6. Surankote
Police Station Telephone Numbers
  1. Assar

  2. Dessa

  3. Bhaderwah

  4. Thathri

  5. Gandoh
Police Station Telephone Numbers
  1. Ramban

  2. Chanderkot

  3. Batote

  4. Dharamkund

  5. Banihal

  6. Ramsoo

  7. Gool
Police Station Telephone Numbers
  1. Kishtwar

  2. Warwan

  3. Dachhan

  4. Atholi

  5. Chatroo
Police Station
  1. Bijbehara

  2. Srigufwara

  3. Pahalgam

  4. Anantnag

  5. Ashmuqam

  6. Mattan

  7. Dooru

  8. Kokernag

  9. Achbal
Police Station
  1. Devsar

  2. Kulgam

  3. Yaripora

  4. Pora

  5. Manzgam

  6. Chinigam
Police Station
  1. Awantipora

  2. Pampore

  3. Tral
Police Station
  1. Batpora Shopain

  2. Shopian Hospital Road

  3. Keller

  4. Zainapora Police Station
Police Station
  1. Magan

  2. Beerwah

  3. Khag

  4. Charisharief

  5. Chadoora

  6. Pakherpora

  7. Khanshaib

  8. Narbal
Police Station
  1. Kheerbawani

  2. Lar

  3. Safapora

  4. Kangan/

  5. Gund

  6. Sonamarg
Police Station Telephone Numbers
  1. Bandipora

  2. Argam, Bandipora

  3. Pethkote, Bandipora

  4. Gurez, Bandipora

  5. Tulail, Bandipora

  6. Sulmar, Bandipora

  7. Sumbal, Bandipora

  8. Hajan, Bandipora
Police Station
  1. Baramulla

  2. Shreei

  3. Uri

  4. Bijhama

  5. Boniyar

  6. Palhallan

  7. Pattan

  8. Kreen

  9. Chandoosa

  10. Tangmarg

  11. Gulmarg

  12. Kunzer
Police Station
  1. Sopore

  2. Dangiwacha, Sopore

  3. Bomie, Sopore

  4. Panzalla, Sopore

  5. Tarzoo, Sopore
Police Station
  1. Kupwara

  2. Trehgam, Kupwara

  3. Kralpora Main Bazar Kralpora

  4. Kranah, Tanghdar Karnah,Kupwara

  5. Keran, Kupwara

  6. Sogam Lolab Kupwara

  7. Lalpora, Lolab Kupwara

  8. Ashpora, Kupwara Tangdhar

Police Station
  1. Handwara

  2. Kralgund

  3. Qalabad

  4. Vilgam
Police Station
  1. Leh

  2. Nyoma

  3. Nubra
  1. Drass

  2. Zanskar

Roads & Buildings department of Kashmir.
Roads and building scenario of Kashmir.
Srinagar Jammu highway is of concern in Kashmir.
On April 5, 2015, Srinagar-Jammu Highway remained closed for the fifth day because of fresh landslides triggered by heavy rains.
More than 500 Kashmir-bound passengers were stranded at the Jammu bus stand.
More than 1,000 vehicles are stranded at various places in Jammu, Udhampur, Banihal, Ramban, Batote, and Patnitop areas on the highway.

Mughal Road is an alternative route, besides airlifting to exact destination.
The road passes through Buffliaz, Behramgalla, Chandimarh,Poshana, Chattapani, Peer Ki Gali, Aliabad, Zaznar, Dubjan, Heerpora, and Shopian.

The road cuts through Hirpora Wildlife Sanctuary
Total length of Mughal Road is 600 km.

Roads & Buildings./Public Works Department/PWD
State department of Roads & Buildings
Roads & Buildings human resources Kashmir.
Kashmir roads

Total length maintained by R&B Department : 26711.27 kms
Blacktopped : 12054.94 kms
Metalled : 2514.95 kms
Shingled : 3650.87 kms
Fair weather : 8300.06 kms
Jeepable : 190.45 kms


1. Srinagar-Uri is 132.5 Kms. long and connects Srinagar, Pattan, Baramula, Mohra and Uri.
2. Srinagar-Shopian Road is 53 Kms. long and connects Srinagar, Pampore, Pulwama, and Shopian.
3. Srinagar-Kulgam Road connects Srinagar, Khannabal and Kulgam. It is 71 Kms. long.
4. Srinagar-Gulmarg Road is 29 Kms. long and connects Srinagar, Tangmarg and Gulmarg.
5. Srinagar-Pahalgam Road is 96.5 Kms. long and connects Srinagar, Awantipura, Khannabal, Mattan, Aishmuqam and Pahalgam. From Pahalgam a bridle path leads to Swami Amarnath cave which is 45 Kms. from Pahalgam. On this route, Chandanwari, Sheshnag and Panjtarni stations are worth mentioning.
6. Srinagar-Bandipur Road leads to Shalateng- situated on the Jhelum Valley Road. From Shaltang this road leads to Bandipur. It is 56Kms. long. From Bandipur to Sopore it is 33 Kms. From Bandipur another road leads to Gurez and it serves as a military defence road.
7. Srinagar-Wayal Road is 85 Kms. in lengh. On this route, Anantnag, Achhabal, Kukarnag are worth mentioning.
8. Sopore-Tetwal Road is 95 km, long and connects Sopore, Handwara Trehgam, Chowkibal, Santochangli and Tetwal. From Srinagar to Chowkibal the road is open for both public and military traffic, but from Chowkibal to Tetwal only military vehicles run and the road is closed during winter when there is heavy snowfall.
9. Srinagar-Gandarbal-Baltal Road winds its way across the Anchar Lake passing through Ganderbal where the Sind Nullah enters the Anchar lake. This road connects with many other roads, the important one is Khirbhawani or Tulamula road leading to the well known shrine. The main road passes through the entire valley of the Sind Nullah upto Baltal, the foot of the Zojila pass Beyond Baltal the road leads to Matayan and to Dras. It is 117 Kms.long up to Baltal and from Baltal to Dras it is 45 Kms.
10. Srinagar-Charar-e-Sharif Road has been constructed over the karewa to the southeast. It leads to the well known shrine Chrar-e-Sharif.
11. Srinagar-Leh 434-km. Ladakh Road is 80 Kms from Srinagar to Sonamarg. It connects Srinagar, Gandarbal and Sonamarg, from where. after passing over the Zojila Pass it connects Machai, Drass, Kargal and Leh, the capital of Ladakh Province. From Sonamarg to Leh the distance is 350 Kms.
12. Kargal-Askardu Road is 151 Kms. in length. On the way, Kharalpul, Awiding, Bagicha Talse, Madhopore, Gole and Theggo are worth mentioning.
13. Pulwama-Yus-gogji Pathar Road connects Pulwama, Parkota, New Kalipora, Ramopakherapora, Kanidanwan and Yus-gogjipathar.
14. Khannabal-Kulalgam 17 Kms.
15. Anantnag-Verinag 26 Kms.
16. Srinagar-Tral -Shikargah 45 Kms.
17. Shopian-Kulgam 22 Kms.
18. Shopian-Wuyun-Letapore 31 Kms.
19. Shopian-Bijhebara 31 Kms.
20. Srinagar-Naseem-Pandach 18 Kms.
21. Srinagar-Halwar-Drafama 27 Kms.
22. Srinagar-Aerodrome 11 Kms.
23. Srinagar-Chrar-e-sharif-Yusmarg 47 Kms.
24. Srinagar-Badgam-Raithan 32 Kms.
25. Baramula-Langet-Handwara 29 Kms.
26. Srinagar-Sopore 73 Kms.
27. Srinagar-Sopore-Gangbug 137 Kms.
28. Handwara-Nichhama 21 Kms.
29. Handwara-Magam-Lonawara 27 Kms.
30. Ukherhal-Senawatipul 11 Kms.
31. Srinagar-Panthchak-Lethpora 31 Kms.
32. Srinagar-Baramulla 60 Kms.
Srinagar Baramullah highway
Length: 54 km (34 mi)
The road further stretches from end terminus up to Muzaffarabad with an addition of 124 kilometres (77 mi).
33. Muzaffarabad-Rawalpindi 138 kms.
34. Muzaffarabad-Abbottabad 79 kms.
35. Srinagar-Amritsar___ km
36. Srinagar-Delhi ______km
    Srinagar to Banihal section (67.76 km)
    Quazigund to Banihal section (15.25 km)
    Banihal to Ramban (36 km)
    Chenanni to Nashri (12 km)
    Ramban to Udhampur (43 km)
    Udhampur to Jammu (65 km)
    Udhampur to Amritsar
37. Srinagar-Poonch and Rajouri districts 84 kms.
38. Srinagar-Bandipora-Kargil-Xinjiang

Udhampur-Katra, Katra-Qazigund and Qazigund-Baramulla, Baramulla-Rawalpindi

The Qazigund-Baramulla section will have 15 stations.
Would you like to add anything?
Do you have any recommendations?

Q: What is The Srinagar-Rawalpindi Way?
A: The Srinagar-Rawalpindi Way is a _____mile/km section of Kashmir Highway between Srinagar, Kashmir and Rawalpindi.

What is the length of the road?
What should be the breadth of the road?
What is the expected flow of traffic?
What type of traffic is expected to flow on this road?
What is the weight of each vehicle?
What should be the thickness/height of the tarred layer of the road?
Q: How long will the construction take?
A: The entire project should be completed by the end of _______.

Q: What was wrong with the highway that needed fixing?
A: There were three prime Political, deliberate, unfair issues:Passing lanes will also reduce congestion. Line-of-sight issues are addressed in the construction as well. The over _______ wildlife crossings incorporated into the construction will not only reduce wildlife mortality, but collisions and animal/vehicle collisions will be mitigated.

Q: What are the primary improvements?
A: The majority of changes aim to improve safety. Wider shoulders, passing lanes, turning lanes, controlling access, wildlife crossings to reduce animal-vehicle collisions, improved sight-distance and one-way couplets will accomplish this goal.

Q: Why has it taken so long to begin construction on this project?
A: The project was a long time in the planning process because of the extremely context sensitive nature of the area, and the fact that the involved parties initially saw vastly different needs, priorities, and preferences.
For many years, the project languished as involved parties were stalemated over Political, deliberate, unfair practices.

Q: Why is this project different than other highway projects?
A: Political, deliberate, unfair practices.

The guiding philosophy for these modifications is to protect cultural, aesthetic, recreational, and natural resources located along the highway corridor and to communicate the respect and value that is commonly held for these resources pursuant to traditional ways.

Q: What will the impact of this project be?
A: Safety will be vastly improved. Safety analysis forecasts that the construction will result in the reduction of fatalities. Economic efficiency will be better due to increased traffic handling efficiencies of the road and Trade.

At the same time, the intergovernmental collaborative process has reshaped same.

Q: What role did HSG play in the design of this project?
A: HSG has been an equal partner in the design of this project.

Q: How is the project being financed?
A: The project will be 100 percent federally funded.

Q: Will traffic be affected by construction?
A: Yes. Enormous resources to making sure that traffic information is readily available to the public and business owners in the area. Information will be available through a variety of sources, including frequent e-mail updates.

Two-way traffic will be open through the corridor throughout this project. Motorists should look for blue signage indicating detour access to businesses in construction zones.

Q: How do you plan to address safety during the construction of the highway?
A: Safety is a concern with all construction projects. Will use all the standard methods and techniques.

Q: What kind of delays do you expect?
A: Unfair political influence peddling, unfair competition. Road construction projects always impact the traveling public. These projects were designed to minimize the impact as much as possible,enhance trade, but because the new road will occupy much of the existing roadway footprint, construction delays are inevitable. The contractor and Project personnel will continually work to reduce the delays as much as possible. Additionally, contract incentives are in place with the individual construction contractors for speedy and efficient completion.
Q: What kinds of animals migrate in the area?

A: Fish, grizzly bear, black bear, deer, elk, moose, pronghorn antelope, painted turtles and many others.

Q: How are the construction contracts awarded?
A: HSG has followed its standard procedures that award the contract to the lowest bidder.

Q: How many fatalities have there been in the last decade on ______?
A: (Pending)

Q: How many lanes will the road have?
A: Four lanes between Srinagar and Rawalpindi.

Q: What will the speed limit be?
A: 100 MPH in most sections, with speeds as low as 35 MPH in cities.

Q: Will homes be relocated as a result of the highway widening? A: Yes. The impact on homeowners has been minimized as much as possible. However, some homes have either been bought in entirety through the right of way process or relocated to accommodate the project.

Q: How do we get updates on what's happening with the construction?
A: Frequent e-mail updates will be issued as the need arises.

Q: Why is the (Baramullah _____) bridge project taking so long?
A: We aren't involved in this bridge. Ask Border road organization or Becon.

Do you have a question?
Can you bring me upto date?
Would you like to add anything?

Water department of Kashmir.
Water Resources and their Management in Kashmir
Tap water
  1. Alisteang Water Supply Scheme

  2. Band Nishat Water Supply Scheme

  3. Doodpathri Filtration Plant

  4. Doodh Ganga Water Supply Scheme (Srinagar)

  5. Filtration Plan Nishat

  6. Lift Stations Dal

  7. Pokhribal water supply scheme

  8. Rangil Filtration Plant

  9. Seer Hamadan Water Supply Scheme

  10. Water Supply Scheme Rohama
110 tankers
1800 WSSs in the Kashmir
Your Drinking Water Source

Tube well water
Tube well water

  1. Anchar Lake

  2. Brari Nambal

  3. Dal Lake

  4. Gadsar Lake

  5. Gangabal Lake

  6. Gil Sar

  7. Kausar Nag

  8. Khushal Sar

  9. Manasbal Lake

  10. Mansar Lake

  11. Nundkol Lake

  12. Pangong Tso

  13. Satsar Lake

  14. Sheshnag Lake

  15. Tarsar Lake

  16. Tso Kar

  17. Tsomoriri Wetland Conservation Reserve

  18. Tulian lake

  19. Vishansar Lake

  20. Wular Lake

  1. Bringhi River

  2. Chenab River

  3. Chip Chap River

  4. Doda River

  5. Dras River

  6. Galwan River

  7. Indus River

  8. Jhelum River

  9. Lidder River

  10. Markha River

  11. Nala Palkhu

  12. Neelum River

  13. Nubra River

  14. Poonch River

  15. Rambi Ara

  16. Ravi River

  17. Sandran River

  18. Shingo River

  19. Sind River

  20. Suru River (Indus)

  21. Tawi River

  22. Tsarap River

  23. Veshaw River

  24. Yapola River

  25. Zanskar River

Total land dimensions of Kashmir
What is the total land area of Kashmir?
Total land area of Kashmir is 360,000 square miles with expansion toward east and north. Land area in square miles: 360,000 square miles with expansion toward east and north. Persons per square mile 2014:
Land with agriculture more than 8 lakh hectares in 2013.
Out of total agriculture land of 8.26 lakh hectares, horticulture comprises 3.5 lakh hectares of land.

Truthful, well behaved individuals from Kashmir
Can you name some truthful well behaved individuals from Kashmir?
What are names and profiles of truthful well behaved individuals from Kashmir?

List of truthful well behaved individuals from Kashmir 2014.
Top secret.
Last updated: March 30, 2015.
To be updated further.
Do you know any individuals who are truthful well behaved individuals from Kashmir?

Important places:

TV relay station, Dhargloon.


Thana Mandi


Dul Hasti Power Project
Jawahar Tunnel


Microwave Station
Chenani Hydel Project
Railway Project under construction


Jammu Doordarshan Kendra
Radio Station
Railway Station



Karnah Micro Hydel Project


Mohara Power House
Wular Lake and Manasbal Lake


HMT watch factory
Telephone Industry
Silk weaving factory, Rajbagh
Nowshera Mill (wool spinning)
Soura Medical Institute
Bone and Joint Hospital, Barzulla
Lalded Hosp. (women and children)
There are three hydroelectric power stations, Lower Sindh Hydroelectric Power Project Ganderbal, Upper Sindh Hydroelectric Power Project 1st Kangan and Upper Sindh Hydroelectric Power Project 2nd Sumbal generating electricity on the Sind River.




Thermal Power Station at Pahalgam.


Leh mosque (in main Bazar)


Electricity department of Kashmir.
Daily Generation Figures of Power Houses for 16-04-2015
Project Name Cap.in MW Generation in LUs River Area
1 Baglihar Stage- I Hydroelectric Project 450.00 107.965 Chenab Doda
2 Chenani-I 23.30 0 River Tawi tributary of Chenab Udhampur
3 Chenani-III Hydroelectric Project Tawi
4 Chutak Hydroelectric Project Suru Kargil
5 Dulhasti Hydroelectric Project CHENAB Doda
6 Ganderbal Hydroelectric Project 15.00 0.3600 Sindh Srinagar
7 Kargil Hydroelectric Project Sindh Kargil/leh
8 Kishenganga Hydroelectric Project
9 Lower Jhelum Hydroelectric Project Jhelum river Near Warikhah, Baramulla
10 Nimmo-Bazgo Hydroelectric Project Indus
11 Salal - I & II Hydroelectric Project River Chenab Reasi/Udhampur
12 Sewa-II Hydroelectric Project Indus Kathua
13 Sewa-III Hydroelectric Project Ravi
14 Stakna Hydroelectric Project Indus Leh
15 Upper Sindh Hydroelectric Project Sindh
16 Upper Sindh-II Hydroelectric Project Sindh Srinagar
17 Uri-I Hydroelectric Project Jhelum Indus Baramulla
18 Uri-II Hydroelectric Project Jhelum Baramulla
19 Hunder 0.40 0.00990
20 Bazgo 0.30 0
21 Sumoor 0.10 0.00196
G.Total 761.96 137.25126
No. Name of P/H Cap.in MW Generation in LUs Remarks
  1. Baglihar HEP 450.00 107.965

  2. LJHP 105.00 21.15

  3. USHP-II 105.00 7.48

  4. Chenani-I 23.30 0

  5. USHP-I 22.60 0

  6. Ganderbal 15.00 0.3600 7

  7. Sewa-III 9.00 0 8

  8. Chenani-III 7.50 0 9

  9. Chenani-II 2.00 0 10

  10. Bhaderwah 1.50 0.0465 11

  11. Pahalgam 4.50 0 12

  12. Stakna 4.00 0 13

  13. MHP 3.75 0.1240 14

  14. Igo Mercellong 3.00 0 15

  15. Karnah 2.00 0.0810 16

  16. Sanjak 1.26 0.0329 17

  17. Haftal 1.00 0 18

  18. Marcpachoo 0.75 0 19

  19. Hunder 0.40 0.00990 20

  20. Bazgo 0.30 0 21

  21. Sumoor 0.10 0.00196
    G.Total 761.96 137.25126
    Here are further guidelines.
Total Generation of all powerhouses on 16-04-2015- 13.725 MU's
1. Mohra Hydro-Electric Power Stations. It was in the year ________ British designed a 25-cycle per second plant of 4000 Kilowatts at Mohra about 22.5 kms. from Baramulla towards Uri in Kashmir. After some years, conversion from 25 to 50 cycles machinery costing about 2 crores of rupees was set up to add 600 kilowatts to the existing capacity. Srinagar, Sopore, Baramulla and Gulmarg towns are supplied electric power from this power station.

2. The Sind Valley Hydro-Electric Project. This project, established in 1955, is near Ganderbal on the bank of the Nullah Sind towards its east. A canal 113 kms long rises upwards to a height of 1500 metres and generates 13000 Kilowatts of electric power. The project is a multipurpose one. Its water is used for a variety of purposes, like irrigation, generation of electricity, flood control, navigation, fish culture and soil preservation. The electric supply has been extended to 56 kms south of Srinagar towards Anantnag and supplies power to Lift Irrigation scheme as well.

3. The Pahalgam Hydro-Electric Project. The river Liddar is an important tributary of the Jhelum. It has been harnessed for water power at Pahalgam. A dam 8 metres high creates a water fall, generating 200 kilowatts of electricity. This power helps in lighting tourists huts and running cottage industries.

4. Lower Jhelum Hydel Project (Sheri). This project for generating electricity has only one stage which generates 105 megawatts of electric power.

Computers and Internet of Kashmir department.
Computers with Internet in Kashmir.
How many computers with Internet connections are there in Kashmir?
Who should be head of the Kashmir department of computers and Internet?
How many professionals, including computer and Internet engineers, are required for department of computers with Internet in Kashmir?

At least 6,000 professionals, including computer and Internet engineers.
This is the requirement for Kashmir for the year 2015.
Each of these engineers is generally named computer engineer.
I personally can communicate like this.
I am a computer engineer with specialty of being a computer software engineer.
I can guide all engineers, including all types of computer engineers.

What location in Kashmir is ideal to assemble, repair, and manufacture computers and Internet components without harming others through the Kashmir department of computers and Internet?
Kashmir Computers and Internet department.
Previous HMT`s watch unit location.
Other locations without harming others.

There are some namesake engineers who cannot even guide one type of engineer listed above. Questions an engineer must be able to answer.
What type of engineer are you?
What type of computer engineer are you?
Here are example of answer.
I am a material engineer.
I am a computer engineer.
I can guide all type of engineers.
I can guide 611 professions; this includes engineers.
Questions you need to answer.
What type of engineer can you guide?
What type of computer engineer can you guide?

What are immediate issues for computer network engineers in Kashmir?
Emails are been blocked from Kashmir while being in Chicago , Illinois.
Even Kashmir police emails are blocked.
Detect the location of blockage of emails.
Take preventive measures to prevent blocking of emails from Kashmir to the rest of the world, including Chicago, Illinois.

Corrections department of Kashmir.
Prisons in Kashmir
Director General of Prisons
Deputy Inspector General of Prisons
Inspector General of Prisons
Chief Accounts Officer
Technical Officer as head of Engineering wing
Staff Officer who is entrusted with supervisory control over Establishment Section
Reformation Centres
Superintendent Jail
Warder (Prison officer)
Head Warder

Jail Superintendents

Central Jail Srinagar
Capacity of the Jail = 360
Sub Jail Jammu
Sub Jail Kotbhalwal Jammu
Sub Jail Udhampur
Sub Jail Kathua
Sub Jail Leh
Sub Jail Baramulla
Sub Jail Kupwara
Sub Jail Poonch
Sub Jail Rajouri
Sub Jail Reasi
Sub Jail Hiranagar
Sub Jail Kishtwar

The present intake capacity of 14 functional Jail is 3011 while as the present population of the 14 Jails is 2479 as on 1st December 2014.

How many total vehicles are in Kashmir?
  1. Aircraft.

  2. Buses.

  3. Cars.

  4. Tanks.

  5. Trucks.

  6. Three wheelers.

  7. Two wheelers.
Last Updated: June 23, 2015