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Kidnappings & Missing Persons
What should you include in a missing person report?

The name of the missing person.

Where the missing person was last seen.

The height and weight of the missing person.

The age and gender of the missing person.

The eye color and hair color of the missing person.

The date of birth of the missing person.

What the missing person was wearing when last seen.

Any distinguishing physical characteristics of the missing person.

A photograph of the missing person and when it was taken.

Whether the photograph is accurate today.

Whom to contact in case the missing person is located.

Missing and criminal conspiracies and other concepts of law are two different issues.

Where should a missing person's profile or flyer be displayed publicly?
Community notice boards

Would you like any missing person's profile to be displayed?
Forward details to admin@qureshiuniversity.com
Missing person's details will be displayed here.

Who is circulating these details?
These details are essential.