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Personality disorders screening
Who specifically should have yearly screening for personality disorders?
Individuals in public service.
Harms can occur if such individual gets involved in public service.

Here is an example.
Personality Disorder:
Patient is conscious, oriented in time, space, and person.
Vitals are normal and there are no other complaints.
Does that mean the person is normal?
The patient can have personality disorder.

How do you screen personality disorders in yearly health assessment?
Ask others if he or she lies.
Lying is a criminal offense.
Lying can be due to personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder, or other personality disorders.

Patient must nominate at least two people to comment about his or her personality.

Questions you need to ask.

Do you know this person?
How do you know this person?
How would you describe this personís character, behavior, and competence?
How would you describe the personality of this person?