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Online Police Reporting
Take a look at this.

July 15, 2009
Javid Riyaz Bedar, AIG (Personnel) PHQ, has been transferred and posted as SSP, Srinagar.

Is that correct?
Mr. Javid Riyaz Bedar

What are your duties and responsibilities?
How do you define an emergency?
What is good human character?
What is good human behavior?

Where and when were you born?
Where did you go to high school?
Where did you go to college?
How can one verify this information?
What language do you speak?
Do you understand english language?
What is your Email address?
How soon should I expect a response from you?
When were you informed about claims for those posting on the World Wide Web?
Who informed you?
How did you resolve the problem?

Take a look at this.

Take a look at this.
What did you understand?

Omer Abdullah.
Farooq Abdullah.
Choudhary Ramzan.
Karan Singh

Why can't he supervise any organization?
He has bad character.
He is involved in crimes.
They are incompetent.
They are involved in crimes.

How would you like to resolve this problem?