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Public safety
How do you make an area safe for civilized people?

Educate people about civilized behavior.
Resolve conflicts before they lead to violence.
Screen newcomers properly so that they do not harm themselves or others.
Make sure the state is within the minimum dimensions meant for a state.
Make sure the state does not exceed 10-13 millions residents. Profile all residents.
Make profiles of residents known to others.
Meeting guidelines and public safety.

How does following specific meeting guidelines enhance public safety?

This example will make you understand.

A person was asked to reach a location.
He asks certain questions.
The questions were not answered and he was told he will be updated there only.

When he reached the location, five individuals were at that location.
He was assaulted.
A police complaint was filed.

This was a conspiracy, sabotage with assault.
If both sides would have known the meeting guidelines, conspiracy, sabotage, and assault would have been prevented.

Do not go ahead for a meeting if all questions relevant to the meeting are not answered.
Harms can occur if all questions relevant to the meeting are not answered.
Here are further guidelines.
Public Safety Act
Here are further guidelines.