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Resident services
Resident Services Case Manager
State housing and development resident services

What should you know about this profession?
Annotation or definition.
Area of service
Communication Skills
Department affiliation
Equipment/resources (tools & technology).
General abilities
Job zone
Location of work
Number of professionals/workers required
Number of professionals/workers required outside the state
Profession-specific abilities
Related occupations/professions
Requirement for human resources
Resources for work
Scientific Skills
Sources of additional information
Tools and technology
Training program
Work activities
Work context
Work credits
Work Environment
Work hours
Work styles
Work values
Annotation or definition.

What profession is been described in these guidelines?
Resident Services Case Manager.

What are other names for this profession?
Case Manager

Do only multi-storied buildings need resident services?
No, other living dwellings also need resident services.

What should be the ratio of case manager in resident services to residents?
There should be four case managers to 80 residents. If there is a deficiency of staff, ask for more staff.

Who should supervise resident services in the state?
The state department of health.
State housing and development resident services

What are the duties of a case manager in resident services?
What are the duties of resident services?

Fix any problem a resident is having.
Be honest in interpreting the issues.
Get involved in annual inspections.
Bring various products and services in essential ingredients of economy to residents.
Take quality skills and knowledge, products and services in essential ingredients of the economy to people from residents. Here are further guidelines.

Do no harm.

Ideally, who should supervise resident services?
A medical doctor should ideally supervise resident services within the state.
Experience has shown that some resident services have harmed the resident instead of fixing his/her problems.

What department should supervise resident services?
State department of human services
State department of housing and development
Here are further guidelines.

What questions should a person be able to answer associated with resident services in the state?

How many total residents are in the building as of January 17, 2014?
What is the resident capacity of the building?
How did you verify that all residents getting health care have correct diagnosis and proper treatment?
How did you verify that no resident is been harmed?
How did you verify that all problems of residents have been fixed?
What is the profile of residents' skills and knowledge?
What did you do to enhance residents' skills and knowledge?

Ideally, a medical doctor should be a case manager and in charge of resident services.

What is your response to these facts?

What should a resident service case manager do before starting a new job?
Get approval from a competent doctor for the following abilities:
English language abilities.
Abilities of screening and resolving stress, intentional enforced harms from others, and human rights violations from others.

What should the doctor of medicine write in this context?
This individual is credible, has excellent English communication abilities, is public service-oriented with knowledge of screening to resolve stress, intentional enforced harms, and human rights violations from others relevant to a resident.

Here are further guidelines.

Here are further guidelines.