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Spanish and English
50 adjectives to describe the personality
Prepositions of place
The Most Common Spanish Words
Do you speak English?
Hablas ingles?

Do you understand English?
Entiende el ingles?

Good afternoon
Buenas tardes


Good evening
Buenas noches

Good morning
Buenos dias

Good night
Buenas noches

Happy birthday!
Feliz cumpleanos!

Happy New Year!
Feliz Ano Nuevo!


How are you?
Como estas?

How old are you?
Cuantos anos tienes?

My name is...
Me llamo...

Nice to meet you.
Encantado de conocerle.
Mucho gusto.


por favor

Pleased to meet you.
Encantado de conocerle.

Please repeat that.
Podria repetir, por favor?

See you later.
Hasta luego.

Thank you.

What is your name?
Como te llamas?

What time is it?
Que hora es?

Where are you from?
De donde eres?

I don't know.
No lo se.

I don't like it.
No me gusta.

I don't speak Spanish.
No hablo espanol.

I don't understand.
No entiendo.
No comprendo.

I like it.
Me gusta.

I love you.
Te amo.


You're welcome.
De nada.
Nombre / Nom / Name
Consulta / Question