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State constitution
Access to public records and meetings. http://www.flsenate.gov/Laws/Constitution
Action on bills.
Additional method of removal of Judges.
Administration in the state.
Administrative departments.
Allegiance to the World Constitution.
Amendments in the state.
Appellate division.
Assignment of Judges.
Benefits of public institutions of higher education.
Capital projects for agriculture.
Compensation and allowances.
Conservation of natural resources.
Continuation in office.
Continuity of laws; protection of office holders.
Convention of the People.
Corporate charters.
Corporations defined.
Council of State.
Court for the Trial of Impeachments.
Court of Appeals.
Court shall be open.
Death punishment.
Definition of a state.
Disqualification for public office.
Disqualifications for office.
District Attorney and Prosecutorial Districts.
District Courts.
District Courts; Magistrates.
Duties of executive branch officers in the state.
Duties of Governor.
Duties of the Lieutenant Governor.
Education encouraged.
Education in the state.
Enact new laws that do not conflict with criminal law.
Ex post facto laws.
Executive Branch officers in the state.
Extra sessions on legislative call.
Forms of action; rules of procedure.
Freedom of speech and press.
General Assembly to provide for local government.
General Court of Justice.
General laws defined.
General warrants.
Governor - appointing power
Governor is Commander in Chief.
Guide to World governors (Asif Qureshi et al.)
Health care facilities.
Higher Education Facilities.
Higher education.
Homestead exemptions.
Human rights (also called Bill of Rights)
Impeachment. Removal of the Governor from office for any other cause shall be by impeachment.
Initative to recall governor.
Inquiry into restraints on liberty.
Judicial power.
Judicial powers of administrative agencies.
Judiciary in the state.
Law of the land; equal protection of the laws.
Laws that cannot be enacted or changed.
Legislative composition.
Legislative immunity with exceptions.
Legislative investigations (impeachments)
Legislative power.
Limitations on local, private, and special legislation. Marriage. Merged or consolidated counties.
Military shall be in strict subordination to the civil power.
Modes of prosecution.
Number of Representatives.
Number of Senators.
Oath of members.
Oath of office for Governor.
Other rights of the people.
Perpetuities and monopolies.
Personal property exemptions.
Power to revise or amend Constitution reserved to people.
Powers and duties of Board.
President of the Senate.
President Pro Tempore - succession to presidency.
President Pro Tempore - temporary succession.
Project development
Public notice of meetings.
Public transportation in the state.
Qualification for registration.
Qualification of Justices and Judges.
Qualifications for Representative.
Qualifications for Senator.
Recurrence to fundamental principles.
Religious liberty.
Removal of Clerks.
Removal of Judges, Magistrates and Clerks.
Removal of Magistrates.
Retirement of Justices and Judges.
Revision or amendment by Convention of the People.
Revision or amendment by legislative initiation.
Right of assembly and petition.
Right to a healthful environment
Rights of accused.
Rights of victims of crime.
Rules of procedure.
School attendance.
Seal of State.
Seaport and airport facilities.
Seat of government.
Senate districts; apportionment of Senators.
Sessions of executive branch in the state.
Sessions of the Supreme Court.
Slavery and involuntary servitude.
Sovereignty of the people.
State Board of Education.
State boundaries.
State school
Succession as Acting Governor.
Succession as Governor.
Succession to office of Governor.
Superior Court districts.
Superior Courts.
Supreme Court.
Suspending laws.
Term of office.
The equality and rights of persons.
Uniform system of schools.
Waiver of jury trial.
Human Rights

Is there a difference between human rights and a bill of rights?

What is the difference between human rights and a bill of rights?
Authors of human rights and bill of rights vary.
Human rights are state laws.
Human rights are universally endorsed by all states.
The Bill of Rights has evolved in America from time to time due to deficiency of guidelines in the constitution of state and non-state entities.
Human rights must prevail.
Most issues in the Bill of Rights have been explained in human rights.
State attorneys general in most states are unaware of these questions.

Here are further guidelines.

The above are the essential facts.
There are many more facts.
Illinois Constitution

Take a look at this. These are all state regulations. https://www.sos.mo.gov/adrules/csr/csr.asp

Regulations are relevant to these departments in the state.

Take a look at this.


Regulations by state.


California Law & Constitution


Code of Regulations










Texas Administrative Code


Administrative Code