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What is Theology?
What is the curriculum?
    Muslim Studies Program
    Agnostic (not sure about existence of God)
    Atheist (do not believe in the existence of God)
    Assemblies of God people
    Australian Presbyterian
    Christ Pentecostal Church
    Eastern Orthodox
    Eastern Catholic
    Ethiopian Orthodox
    Irish Presbyterian
    Jehovah’s Witnesses
    Roman Catholic
    Seventh-day Adventists
    Syriac Orthodox
    Roman Catholic
Lingeyat theology
In traditional Hinduism humans are bifurcated by birth as follows: Brahmins 1st grade, Kshatriyas 2nd grade, Vaiyas 3rd grade, Shudra 4th grade, Asprushya (untouchable) 5th grade. If a person took birth in Asprushya even though he is a brilliant he can not achieve 1st grade or 2nd grade.
How important is religion?
Why study religion?
Where can I find more information on issues related to religion or religion itself?
Muslim Studies Program

Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam
Tablighi Jamaat

Questions you need to answer
What is the Essential Services Maintenance Act?
What is the Essential Commodities Act?
What are the basic human rights?
What is good human character?
What is good human behavior?
How do you define state economy?
How do you define a state budget?
What are the essential ingredients of an economy?
What aren't essential ingredients of the economy?
Do you know about state planning and development?
What do you know about state planning and development?
Where is it displayed?
Do you understand english language?
What standard and reference of the English language do you follow?
Where is this standard and reference of the English language displayed?
How would you rate your English language ability on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best?
What do you know about the state profile?
How many state profiles do you know?

What are the advantages of Ramadan?
Do you fast during Ramadan?
Did you fast this Ramadan?
If yes,
This is proof for medical doctors that you don't have an addiction, ranging from alcohol, drugs, food to sex addiction. The government spends millions or billions each year to screen and manage addiction.
These simple questions can save these resources.

Fasting patients:
Can you have finger-stick blood drawn for blood sugar?
Can you have sex with your spouse during Ramadhan fasting?
Can you masturbate with or without your spouse during Ramadhan fasting?
Can you use mouthwash during fasting?
Can you take medicine during fasting?

When should a diabetic break his fast before Iftaar?
When blood glucose is less than 60 or over 400.

What food should you have?
Sahoor: Carbohydrates in the form of rice or bread with vegetables and few spices.
Drink at least one tumbler of water.
You will feel less thirsty during the day and up to Iftaar.

Iftaar: Carbohydrates in the form of rice or bread with protein (chicken, mutton, fish, etc.)

What is Ramadan?
When is Ramadan in 2013?

Ramadan in 2013 will start on Tuesday, the 9th of July and will continue for 30 days until Wednesday, the 7th of August.

Eid al-Fitr 2013 began in the evening of Wednesday, August 7 and ends in the evening of Thursday, August 8
When is Ramadan in 2012?
Hajj & Umrah Sermon/Lecture/Khutba by Asif Qureshi founder Qureshi University and Global Democratic party.
October 23, 2012
What should others know who claim to be Muslims?
He/she should never harm others.
You should always speak the truth.
You should never lie.

If you are asked a question about an issue, you should answer truthfully to the best of your ability and knowledge.

Help those who are in need.
Help those who ask.
This is written in Quran.

You should differentiate between good character, good behavior, competence, and religious rituals. Religious rituals are not important.

Good character, good behavior, and competence are essential.

If you do not follow good character, good behavior, and competence, you can be punished.

If you do not follow religious rituals, you cannot be punished.

What are examples of religious rituals?
Fasting during Ramadan.


Why is zakat not required?
The systems of the state and other states – for example, the essential commodities act, the essential services maintenance act, and human rights services for the needs of all residents of various states – zakat is not required.

Who is your leader or supervisor?
Ask your leader or supervisor these questions.
What are basic human rights?
What is the essential commodities act?
What is the essential services maintenance act?
If your leader or supervisor cannot answer these questions, he or she is incompetent.
Do not follow guidelines of such an individual.