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Tree Identification
What is a tree?

Let's start with the definition of a tree. A tree is a woody plant with a single erect perennial trunk at least 3 inches in diameter at breast height (DBH). Most trees have definitely formed crowns of foliage and attains heights in excess of 13 feet. In contrast, a shrub is a small, low growing woody plant with multiple stems. A vine is a woody plant that depends on an erect substrate to grow on.

Just knowing a plant is a tree, as opposed to a vine or a shrub, is the first step in it's identification.

Tree Identification

What Tree is It?

Identify by Leaf

Identify by Fruit

Identify by Name

Identify by Leaf

1. Trees With Needles

2. Trees With Scale-like Leaves

3. Trees With Leaves

Trees With Needles

Does your conifer have an evergreen leaf that looks like needles?

Trees With Scale-like Leaves

Does your tree have an evergreen, scale-like leaf?

Trees With Leaves

Does your tree have a typical leaf that includes a leaf stalk, veins and a midrib?
Here are further guidelines.