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Is there a need for doctors to upgrade their knowledge of this medical condition?

Why is there a need for doctors to upgrade their knowledge of this medical condition?

Research has revealed various facts.

Tuberculin test is neither 100% sensitive nor specific for tuberculosis.
Individuals who were declared tuberculin test positive did not develop any active tuberculosis for more than 30 years.
An occasional cough does not mean an individual has tuberculosis.

In seven years of in-hospital experience, not a single case was scientifically verified to be tuberculosis, even with microbiological tests or microscopic tests.

When should a doctor or doctors consider the possibility of this medical condition?
In case of pneumonia (lower respiratory tract infection) that does not respond to regular antibiotics, other possibilities and medical conditions should be kept in mind.

On August 22, 2013, from Kashmir, the director of health mentioned that tuberculosis is more difficult to control as compared to HIV. He knows nothing about either tuberculosis or HIV.

Director of health, Kashmir, you are required to reply by August 27, 2013, publicly. Your supervisors are also required to reply by August 27, 2013, publicly.

Failure to reply publicly will require replacement of Kashmir director of health and supervisors.

Can you give detailed written facts about tuberculosis in question-and-answer format in the English language?

If you ask any state director of health this question, he or she will pretend that he or she never came across this question and directive for duty, tantamount to dereliction of duty.