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Television set
Television set manufacturing general guidelines.
Television set parts manufacturing guidelines.
Television set assembling guidelines.
Television set repair guidelines.
Television set remote control.
Television set service manual.
Television set manufacturing guidelines for engineering college students.

Do you plan to specialize in television set parts manufacturing, assembly, and repair?
Have you selected the location to manufacture, assemble, and repair television sets?
What is the profile of the location, including area, structure, people, resources, raw materials?
Television set manufacturing guidelines for high school students.
Television broadcasting.
Workers in television set manufacturing.
Workers in television broadcasting.
Analog TV sets
Digital-ready sets
HDTV-ready sets
Integrated HDTV sets
Broadcast television systems
Blu-ray Disc
Closed-circuit television
Cathode Ray Tube TV.
Conversation Questions Television
Color Television History
Digital Switchover
Electronic circuit
History and Development of the Television
HDTV, Plasma Screens and OLED Screens
Internet television
Liquid crystal display
LCD television
Radio broadcasting
Radio frequency
Screen Resolution and Aspect Ratio
Television terminology
Television transmission
Television set
TV tuner card
Television program
Terrestrial television
TV and LCD Monitor
TV and HDTV Glossary
Television Manufacture
Television parts manufacturing guidelines

Lets examine jadoo TV equipment.
The equipment does not work with existing television.
This equipment needs a television set with an HDMI port.
Not all televisions have an HDMI port.
Also, the display screen at the beginning needs to be changed.
Once the equipment is updated, let me know.
Here are further guidelines.
TV's service manual
Understanding HDTVs
Videocassette recorder