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What is a website?
Most people have difficulty understanding and answering this question precisely.

A website is a location connected to the Internet that maintains one or more pages on the World Wide Web.

I do not feel that it is justified to compare such resources as search engine, school education, college education, university education resources, or professional education resources for more than 611 professions, including attorneys, physicians, teachers, and engineers on the Internet with a website that has taken only a few minutes to establish and has a few useless pages.

Intellectual Property
How do you value the intellectual property of a resource on the Internet?
These questions will help you understand.

Is the value of a search engine www.globe.bz more than a database driven website and static website?

Is the value of an education resource www.qureshiuniversity.com relevant to a school, college, university education, various departments in the state around the world that can guide 611 professions, relevant abilities/skills, professions, products, subjects, and services more than a website with no education resource or value?

Why was there need to elaborate on these facts?
Take a look at this.
Some individuals are trying to propose they are interested in managing or redesigning this website. This is not a simple website resource. The intellectual property value of these resources is vivid from above questions.

What are the facts, guidelines at this www.qureshiuniversity.com resource?
Entities Number of items or issues
Abilities/skills 600 guidelines
Books 2186
Professions 611 guidelines
Products 800 guidelines
Subjects 148 guidelines
Services 27 guidelines
Search Engine 1

Google values its search engine at $1.5 billion. How much is the value of these abilities/skills (600), books (2186), professions (611), products (800), subjects (148), services (27), and search engine (1)?

Who can get these guidelines?
A state can get these guidelines.
An international entity that can distribute to various states can get these guidelines.
Governor of a state can get these resources.
Q: What is a university?
Here are further guidelines.