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Q. What is wood?
A. Wood is a natural composite of Cellulose fibers in a matrix of lignin.

Q. What should be future trends for wood?
A. Fruit trees with wood should be enhanced.
Wood for furniture should be enhanced.
Wood for paper manufacture should be enhanced.
Such wood is found in all existing fruit trees.
Wood for construction of buildings should be less utilized.
The department of forests has to be merged with agriculture and food sciences.

Q. What is the moisture content of wood?
Q. How could you make a more accurate estimate of the percentage of lignification?
Q. How could you present your data to show the progression of lignification?
Q. At which point along the twig is lignification first detected?
Q. Compare lignification in trees, shrubs, climbers and herbaceous plants. Are there significant differences?
Q. Does lignification vary in response to external factors such as exposure to wind, increased load on a branch etc?
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