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Q. Are your carpets hand-made or machine made?
Q. What kind of wool do you use for wool carpets?
Q. What kind of silk do you use for your silk carpets?
    Textile Designing
    Research and Development
    Quality Control
    Interior Designing
    Graphic Design and Visual Communications
Q. What is the difference between Rugs and Carpets?
Q. Is there a difference between the materials with which a carpet or a rug is made?
Hand Made carpets
    Wool sorting & Washing
    Carpet Knotting
    Washing and Drying
    Final Touches
Machine Made carpet
    The Manufacturing Process
    Preparing the yarn
    Dyeing the yarn
    Tufting the carpet
    Dyeing the tufted carpet
    Finishing the carpet

Carpets By Origin
Carpets By Weave & Prints
Carpet Styles
Carpets By Fabrics
Carpets By Applications
Rug & carpet Accessories
Carpet Related Products
Those involved in shawl, wood carvings, paper machie, crewel materials, oxidized jewellery, copperware, etc., and chain stitch business.
There is less market demand for such products.
What should they look forward to?
How should their skills be redirected?

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