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Asif Qureshi
5042 N Winthrop Ave # 237
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Health Insurance

Let's take a look at health insurance.
Do we really need health insurance?
How do Eastern systems manage without health insurance?
Why do we need health insurance?

How should health care workers get remuneration?
Health care workers, including medical doctors, should get remuneration from the annual state budget.

In some regions, hospitals and health care facilities consume more resources and demand more resources than the service they provide.
Is your hospital or health care facility one of them?
Priority should go to competence of medical doctors.
Health care is linked directly to the competence of medical doctors.

How many competent medical doctors do you need?
How many competent administrators do you need?
I can educate them within a short period of time.

Have your medical doctors demonstrated their competence publicly?
No, they have not.
Here is guidance for your medical doctors http://www.qureshiuniversity.com/medicalcc.html.
If you add one extra question that will help diagnosis, treatment, medical education, research, and administrative issues, you have done great work.

First, we examine Medicaid and Medicare programs in America and then see how other systems work far better.

Who funds Medicaid?
The federal and state governments fund the program, which is administered by the states.
Who funds Medicare?
It is a federally-funded program.

There is no Medicaid or Medicare program in eastern parts of world, including Saudia Arabia, where each year millions of people get treated.

American hospitals can never have that kind of inflow.
How do they manage without Medicaid and Medicare?
I remember telling people while I worked in King Fahed hospital's emergency department: whether you have money or not, I will treat you.

Insurance or no insurance, the medical doctor has to treat patients.
In return, the administration invests in quality training and education of medical doctors and other health care professionals.

What is the most important duty and responsibility of a medical doctor?
What's the second most important duty and responsibility of a medical doctor?

What other duties and responsibilities does a medical doctor have?
Take a look at this.

Unfortunately, the American system has failed in quality training, education, preventive and curative aspects of care and management.

The American system even has failed to train and educate them to recognize good character? How do you define education?

In America, few whites, have been well trained in sabotage and harm.
How does Pakistan manage without Medicaid and medicare?
Health care is the duty and responsibility of the administration.

Medical training and education is comparatively costly. With resources like the World Wide Web, there will be a less inexpensive and better quality of training and education.

Quality training and education, as well as procuring quality trainers, programs, products, and services are the duty and responsibility of the administration.

What are my recommendations?

Medicare and Medicaid programs should be abolished.
All other health insurance schemes should be abolished.
It is the duty of every state department of health to ensure that everyone gets required heath care in the state.

It is the duty of the state department of health to ensure that properly educated and required medical doctors, paramedical workers, and health care resources are in the state.

Every state should establish indigenous state public health care products factories to be self-sufficient.

Quacks within the health care system in the state or outside the state presenting as medical doctors who do not have answer to relevant questions should be taken off the list as medical doctors, and the public should be alerted about this action.

Those who have inflicted harms should be punished.
Those harmed by them should get remedies.

Hospitals, nursing homes, health care resources, and clinics that have medical doctors who are unable to answer relevant questions should be either closed or replaced with competent medical doctors who can reach a correct diagnosis and treatment and can answer relevant questions.

Incompetent, harmful regulators, fraudulently placed, and incompetent, harmful legislators should be asked to stay away from public issues and state health care. Those that have inflicted harms should be punished with pecuniary and punitive damages to victims.

Health care and medical education Internet resources, like those at www.qureshiuniversity.com/healthcareworld.html and similar resources, should be recommended to others, reinforced, encouraged, and remunerated, so that new medical students get educated and existing medical doctors take continuing education courses, and patients and their relatives get answers to questions and relevant health care services.

Health care has to be free for all within the state and outside the state.

Medical doctors who are able to reach to correct diagnosis and treatment and can answer relevant questions publicly should get recognized and with more remuneration.

Health care workers including medical doctors should get remuneration through state link card or ration card.