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I am Asif Qureshi.
I am the founder of Qureshi University and the Global Democratic party.
July 18, 2011
Hillary Clinton

All her directives are invalid.
What did you understand after reading these details and claims?

Do you have the endorsement of all state governors and state governing councils?
Do those governors and state governing councils have the answers to all competence questions?

What is economy?
What is budget?
How do you define state economy?
How do you define a state budget?

What is the Essential Commodities Act?
What is the Essential Services Maintenance Act?
What is the Fair Housing Act?

Take a look at this.

Take a look at this.

Take a look at this.

What did you understand?
When were you informed about claims for those posting on the World Wide Web?
Who informed you?
How did you resolve the problem?

Take a look at this.

What did you understand?

What do you know about good character, good behavior, rights, state planning and development, state economy, and state budget?
Why do we need a state department when there are already so many other relevant departments in every state?
Do you think it is justified to speak on behalf of the United States without endorsement of all state governors and state governing councils?
Who is the representative in every state?
What should his or her skills and knowledge be?

What did you understand?