Sexual exploitation of women
How should police investigate sexual exploitation of women?

You need to answer these questions.

Do you know the difference between women’s empowerment and women’s sexual exploitation?

Women’s empowerment and women’s sexual exploitation: What is the difference?

What are examples of sexual exploitation of women?

Malicious tours are created to take women behind the scenes, with the motive of sexual exploitation.
This is a criminal offense.

False job openings, educational events, and programs are created to entice women to different locations behind the scenes, with the motive of sexual exploitation.

Various other scenarios can occur.

Deceived into consenting
Trafficking for sexual exploitation
Enticing, entrapping into fake spousal relationship to enhance criminal conspiracy.
These actions many people get harmed directly and indirectly.

In such cases of harms, criminals are involved from native state, transit region, destination state/region, and other locations.

What questions should be answered in such criminal investigations?

Did anyone make any sexual advances while you were enticed for a tour, job, educational events, or any other program?
What was the day, date, location, time?
Who all are involved?
Where do they live?
What are the locations of his/her assets?
What places were involved?
Where is their office?
What's their ethnicity?
Do you know the head of the office?
Who are their friends?
Where do they hang out?
Who among the regulators were involved?
What aircraft/airlines were involved?
What ground transportations were involved?
Who supervised the tour, job, educational events, or any other program?

Was anyone forced, intimidated, or threatened to remain silent?

Did anyone direct, persuade, threaten you with harmful consequences if you reveal the truth and not remain silent?

What are the names, addresses, and further profiles of such people?

How do you verify that sexual exploitation of women has occurred?

Have any of the following occurred while women were enticed for a tour, job, educational event, or any other program?

Exotic dancing
Domestic help
Genital touching and fondling
Oral, vaginal, or anal penetration or attempt at penetration.
Genital exposure
Viewing pornography or nude photographs in the presence of other male(s)
Escort agency with intent of sexual exploitation
Intimidation, scolding, or battering to follow sexual dictates
Any assault, direct or indirect
Professional license issuance with behind-the-scenes intent of sexual exploitation.
Deliberate behind-the-scenes intentional unexpected life-changing events with intent to sexually exploit women
Intentional wrong referral with intent to sexually exploit women
Sexual harassment
Sexually explicit discussions and interactions to create sexual arousal

Did the women reveal to others that this has happened, if not directly to criminal investigators?

Did others verify this has happened if the women did not reveal this themselves?

How should punishments go ahead?

Profile all involved in harms.
Issue world alert.
All those involved have to lose their jobs.
Direct them to stay away from public affairs.
Confiscate their assets with further punishments.
If you cannot resolve or settle the issues locally, ask for world military and international police resources (military airdrop operations).