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College of Pharmacy

What is a preferred drug list?

If you go through a textbook of pharmacology, pharmacy, or any medical specialty, not all the drugs listed are available in the state.

Every state maintains a preferred drug list. The state department of health or state department of health and family services issues a preferred drug list regularly.

You need to write to the nearest pharmacy and state department of health. The nearest pharmacy can be a hospital or non-hospital pharmacy.
Can you bring me up to date with a preferred drug list?
Are these preferred drug lists available in nearest pharmacy?
You need to reach a correct diagnosis before prescribing any drug in the preferred drug list.

What is an essential drug list?

A state on January 13, 2012, has listed 348 essential drugs that can tackle not only critical cases but almost all medical conditions.

What do you need to answer?

Questions you need to answer.

What drugs or medications are in the essential list of drugs or preferred list of drugs from pharmaceutical factories in the state?

What are the drugs from pharmaceutical factories outside the state?

Why can't drugs from pharmaceutical factories outside the state be manufactured within the state?
Here are further guidelines.
Q: What is the curriculum?
Q: What do pharmacists do?
Q: Where do they work?

Hospital pharmacist
Nursing Home pharmacist
Community pharmacist
Industrial pharmacist
Academic pharmacist
Primary care pharmacist
Drug Inspectors
Assistant Controller Drugs
Assistant Drug Analyst
Deputy Controller, Drugs & Food
Drug Analysts
Controller, Drugs & Food
State Administrative Head of the Department
State Food Health Authority
Asst. Controller Food
Public Analyst
Q: Who is most skilled and knowledgeable among them?
How will you manufacture lactated Ringer's injection for hospitals?
How will you manufacture normal saline injection for hospitals?
How will you manufacture 5% dextrose in water injection for hospitals?
How will you manufacture Seftraxone injection for hospitals?
How will you verify safety, quality, and effectiveness?
What resources do you need to manufacture for state needs?
How much is consumed in the state each year?
What should be the workers' skills and knowledge?
Tablets Capsule InjectionBirth Control Device Ointments Syrups