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Non-Emergency Services
What are various required non-emergency services?
Annual health care assessment.
    Competent health care resource.
    If annual health care assessment is ignored, medical emergencies can occur.

    Ignoring proper annual health assessment of people can become a medical emergency.
    Here are further guidelines.
Aircraft Noise Complaint
Abandoned Vehicle
Alley Light Out
Alley Pot Hole
Alley Sewer Inspection
Animal - Inhumane Treatment
Building Maintenance Problems
Transportation Complaint
Cable TV Complaint
Consumer Fraud Complaint
Curb Survey
Dead Animal Pick-Up
Emergency Food
Extreme Weather Notification
Fire Safety Inspection
Fly Dumping
Garbage Cart Black Maintenance/Replacement
Garbage Pickup
Graffiti Removal
Hate Crimes
Hydrant Open
Ice and Snow
Motor Vehicle Repair
No Heat
Public education
Public school maintenance issues
Porch Inspection
Pot Hole in Street
Private Drain Program
Rodent Baiting/Rat Complaint
Sanitation Code Violation
Sewer Cave In Inspection
Sewer Cleaning Inspection
Sidewalk Survey
Sign - All Other Signs
Sign - Do Not Enter Sign
Sign - One Way Sign
Sign - Stop Sign
Snow - Uncleared Sidewalk
Stray Animal
Street Light - 1/Out
Street Light Pole Damage
Street Light Pole Door Missing
Street Lights - All/Out
Street Lights On Days
Tree Debris
Tree Planting
Tree Removal
Tree Trim
Vacant/Abandoned Building
Viaduct Lights Out
Water in Basement
Water On Street
Water- Low Pressure
Wire Basket
Yard Waste