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Recycling Guide
What types of recycling plants are there?

1. Plants that recycle garbage and waste.
2. Plants that recycle vehicles.
3. Plants that recycle concrete for cement.
4. Plants that recycle other materials.
1. Plants that recycle garbage and waste.

Drop-off centres
Curbside collection
Recycling industrial waste
Recycling codes
Environmental impact
Recycling Plant
How are products in the essential ingredients of the economy manufactured in various states?

Manufacture of products from raw materials.
Manufacture of products from recycling plants.

How should you establish recycling plant(s) in the state?

Every room or kitchen in a building (home, home office or office) should have a 13-gallon trash bin with a trash bag.

The trash bag, once filled, goes into the building’s garbage container.
(This is the responsibility of the resident of the room)

From the building garbage container, the trash bags go into the road dumpster.
(This is duty of the building’s janitorial staff)

From the road dumpster, the trash bags go to the recycling plant.
(This is duty of the city’s streets and sanitation workers)
Usually there is a recycling truck to transport trash from the road dumpster.

At the recycling plant, a chemical engineer oversees the recycling process.

Once trash bags are dumped at the recycling plant, there is a waiting period.

What are the salient features of a recycling plant?

In a recycling plant, various processes are applied to get products. A typical recycling plant has a conveyor belt.
Magnets extract iron.
Strainers separate metals and paper.
Other resources.

More features can be added.

What products should you expect from a recycling plant?

1. Trash bags (low density polyethylene) (13 gallon, etc.)
2. Low and high density plastic products (polythene bags, plastic bottles for milk, packaging materials)
3. Iron products
4. Aluminum products
5. Paper products
6. Textile materials
7. Glass
8. Other

Here are further guidelines.
2. Plants that recycle vehicles.
3. Plants that recycle concrete for cement.
4. Plants that recycle other materials.