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Armed Forces
On March 2, 2010, one DVD was sneaked into the Chicago Public Library: Guns in America, sponsored by the National Geographic Channel, and circulated by the Chicago Public Library.

Directly or indirectly, the program tried to glorify gun manufacturing and gun circulation.
It is easy to manufacture a gun; it is easy to circulate guns; it is disastrous for communities to face the consequences of gun harms.

What are the indicators you are facing harmful people?
You get counseling or directives like this:
Do not reply; do not tell him or her I told you; do not reveal anything that transpired in the meeting.

These directives are against basic values of good character and good behavior.

What is a firearm?
How do you classify firearms?
What are various types of firearms?
What type of rifle should be manufactured?
How is an AK47 rifle manufactured?
What should you know about firearms or weapons?
How are firearms or weapons classified?
What is the firearms act?
What are ingredients of gunpowder?

Every state has an armory.
Every state has locations for armories.
What are the locations of armories in the state?

What skills and knowledge should you have to manufacture firearms or weapons?

A defense and police source from the state has mentioned a fixed amount allotted for firearms in the state. That amount is not needed to manufacture firearms. You need to answer the following questions.
What types of firearms or weapons are required in the state?
How many firearms or weapons are in the state?
How many more firearms or weapons are required in the state?
How did the state calculate the requirement for these firearms or weapons?
How many chemical and mechanical engineers are in the state who can manufacture the required firearms?
How many chemical and mechanical engineers are required in the state to manufacture the required firearms?
What materials are required in the state to manufacture firearms?
How much space is required to manufacture firearms in the state?
How do you manufacture tear gas shells?
How do you manufacture rocket weapons?
There are three basic kinds of firearm - handgun, rifle and shotgun - and they all have some common parts.
Tank Gun
Caliber and Ammunition - Hand Guns and Rifles
Brass Cases are the most popular type of casings available today due to its ability to be reloaded and the accuracy that can be attained by using Brass to make the case.
The 7.62×39mm round is a rifle cartridge
Cartridge dimensions
Shotgun Gauge and Ammunition
Potassium Nitrate
Smokeless powder
Lists of firearms by actions

* List of blow forward firearms
* List of delayed blowback firearms
# List of firearms by type

* List of pistols
* List of multiple barrel firearms
* List of submachine guns
* List of assault rifles
* List of battle rifles
* List of carbines
* List of flamethrowers
* List of sniper rifles
* List of shotguns
* List of machine guns
List of firearm cartridges
* List of handgun cartridges
* List of rifle cartridges
Battle Tanks
How Grenades Work
How Landmines Work
How Rocket Propelled Grenades Work
How C-4 Works
How Dynamite Works
How Nuclear Bombs Work
How Bunker Buster Bombs Work
How Smart Bombs Work
How Dirty Bombs Work
How MOAB Works
How E-Bombs Work
How Cruise Missiles Work
Armored Cars
Trucks-Military Series
Railways Security