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Kashmir (J&K)
Directorate of Health Services
Q: How should the requirement for new medical doctors in the state be calculated?
Health Care
Health care is the responsibility of the Department of Health.
Hospitals are regulated by the Department of Health.

Management of hospital may be given to private company provided it displays comparatively quality care at less cost or remuneration.
For example:
Srinagar, Kashmir.

I can manage the same at less cost with quality care.
This can be done from a distance.

Matters relating to new management of this hospital:
Who are in the existing management?
Who should be in the hospital management?
What questions should they answer regularly and correctly?
Questions related to hospital administration, procurement, specific medical subjects.

Here are guidelines for medical doctors and hospital administration.
This should be displayed publicly.

What comes under hospital procurement?
What is the location of manufacturers of hospital supplies?

How many total workers are there?
What do they do?
How do they do it?
What is their remuneration?
How many total computers are connected to the World Wide Web?
What are the names and profiles of all workers and their designation?
How many medical doctors are there?
There is a clear answer to this question: What is the most important duty and responsibility of a medical doctor?
Who works from 9 AM to 5 PM?
How should their services be mobilized in case there are no genuine cases in wards?
How should audit be done for unethical or unnecessary hospital admission?
Who remains for night duty as a medical doctor?
Who should provide total number of patients admitted to hospital at a given point in time?
Who should keep records of what is he doing in the hospital at a given point in time?
Who among medical doctors should manage a medical emergency in the hospital?

Who remains on call?
Who attends to patient care?
Who gets involved in continuing education?
Who does diagnosis audit, case management audit, conduct audit, admission to hospital audit, and mortality audit?
Who does procurement audit?
Who maintains 24/7 global guidance and surveillance?

Coming and going to hospital isn't enough.
Getting prefix of professor, assistant professor, associate professor, consultant, senior resident, or postgraduate, due to politically motivated manipulation is not justified and is unfair.
You must be able to answer questions correctly.
Lal Ded hospital
Jammu Medical College Hospital
Hospital Admissions
Hospital Departments
Hospital Supplies/Purchasing Department
Hospital Quality and Safety
Hospital Medical Records
Hospital Human Resources
Hospital Emergency Management
Hospital History and Physical
Hospital Medical malpractice
Hospital Follow Up Visits
Hospital Blood Transfusion Services
Hospital Materials Management
Hospital Controlled Substance
Hospital Laundry Services
Hospital Kitchen Services
Hospital Laboratories
Hospital Pharmacy
Hospital Critical Care Unit
Hospital Labor rooms
Hospital Operating Rooms
Hospital Operative Reports
Hospital Staffing Effectiveness
Hospital Phone Calls, Emails
Hospital Absence Policy
Hospital Libraries
Hospital Electricity system
Hospital Emergency light system
Hospital Water supply (plumbing) system/boiler
Hospital Fire fighting system
Hospital Elevator system
Hospital Escalator system
Hospital Gas service system
Hospital Monitoring system
Hospital Janitorial system
Hospital Transportation and Parking
Hospital Laundry System
Hospital Vending machine System
Hospital Sewage system
Hospital Telephone system
Hospital Cooling/heating system
Hospital Wifi system/Dish
Hospital Stairs
Hospital Lounge
Hospital Work places
Hospital Autoclaves
Hospital Video Surveillance
Hospital Incinerator
Hospital Online Resources
Anantnag (Islamabad) Bandipura Baramula Budgam Doda Ganderbal
Jammu Kargil Kathua Kishtwar Kulgam Kupwara
Leh Pulwama Rajouri Ramban Reasi Samba
Shopian Srinagar Udhampur
Every officer inside and outside the state should be oriented in state compartments.
Every directive should be issued with the number and name of the compartment in the state.

Chief Medical Officers (CMO)
Medical Superintendents of Hospitals
Deputy Medical Superintendents
Deputy Chief Medical Officers (DCMO)
District Immunization Officers (DIO)
District Health Officers (DIO)
Block Medical Officers (BMO)
Community Health Officer
Controller Stores
Principal Secretary
Director Family Welfare
Assistant Director Health Services
Director Health Services

Who does diagnosis audit, case management audit, conduct audit,
admission to hospital audit, and mortality audit?
Who does procurement audit?
Who's Who - SKIMS
Coming Soon
Medical Superintendent
Joint Director, Administration
Chief Hospital Engineer
Chief of Materials Management

What is the proof of their competence?

They must be able to answer questions correctly.
They must be able to practice answers to these questions.
We must always have replacements ready.

If they aren't able to reply in the English language or speak in the English language, send them to serve in a homeopathic or Unani hospital. They must be able to answer questions in that setting as well.

SKIMS is an allopathic hospital for human diagnosis and treatment.

What is the profile of all the staff members?
What is being done to train new staff members?
Who deserves to be replaced?
Who has remained district, state, and federal prosecutor since 1987?
Who has remained in charge of district, state, and federal police since 1987?
Who has remained in charge of jails and prisons since 1987?
What are their ranks and profiles?
How was their competence evaluated?
Who selected them?
How are they disciplined, punished for incompetence, negligence and intentional inaction to obvious harms after being reminded repeatedly?
Faculty members

Can a person or persons select a faculty member or members who himself or herself cannot answer relevant questions?

Can a person or persons be a faculty member who himself or herself cannot answer relevant questions?

A faculty member should publicly demonstrate his or her competence over a prolonged period of time by answering relevant questions.

In 1993, when I insisted that faculty members should guide in question and answer format I was told that to guide in question and answer format, a person needs to be at the professor level. We need that type of faculty members.

Forget about answering relevant questions in a specific subject; they do not know and practice good character, good behavior, or questions relevant to rights, economy, and budget.

This is not only in the interest of individual rights; this is in public interest as well. We cannot have incompetent, harmful people managing our affairs.

Take a look at frauds related to post-graduation of medical doctors.
Take a look at medical malpractice.
They must know the difference between vicarious liability, frauds, medical malpractice, and other criminal offenses.

Is it necessary for a faculty member or a professor to have a research staff or workers?
Yes. The staff or workers can receive instructions from a distance.

All medical doctors and workers are required to follow guidelines displayed here.
If they need further guidance that is password protected, they can ask for a password.
A person should live up to 90 years without any disability. That should be your target.
On August 13, 2010, circulars mentioning medicines and surgical disposables were airlifted from outside the state.
What are the details of each medicine and surgical disposable?
What state manufactures these items?
Why can't these medicines and surgical disposables be manufactured within the state?