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Social security

Are social security credit calculations fair?

How are Social Security credits calculated?

How should Social Security credits be calculated?
Skills, knowledge of worker, self-employed, or business.
About earnings, monopolists place people at various locations and make incompetent people earn while harming others.

Do they deserve these credits?

Do they deserve these credits based on earnings only while excluding others, depriving others of their genuine rights due to unfair grants, unfair placements?

If you know anyone who gets involved in public affairs and doesn't know the difference between economy and budget, ask him/her to stay away from public affairs.

Q: What are the essential ingredients of an economy?
A: Food, clothing, construction, health care, security, transportation, consumer goods, communications, industry-specific education training and development. The concept of finance has to be replaced with a concept of economy and budget, with a quota-based allootment. Technology, management, and marketing are requirements.
The Department of Finance should be abolished.
A Department of Economy and Budget is essential.

Q: What isn't an essential ingredient of the economy?
A: Entertainment, tourism, nonessential handicrafts, wildlife sanctuaries, religious institutions not imparting situation-specific education.

Q: What harms are involved with tourism or hospitality?
A: Tied up in tourism, hospitality brings bad character, bad behavior, crime, fake currency, and monopoly. Tourism hospitality is a burden on the economy and budget of the region. Accepting, exchanging notes and currency in tourism, hospitality isnít enhancing the economy or helping budget.

Q: What leads banks and institutions to get involved in such harmful reinforcement?
A: Incompetence, lack of knowledge of economics and budget, corruption, favorable posting in return for such reinforcement, and monopoly.
Matters related to converting hotels involved in harms and crimes to educational trusts. Punishment of those involved in harms.

Department of economy and budget.
Q: What should this department do?
Q: What should the head of this department do?
Answer the following questions:
How many people should work in this department?

Q: What about electricity, water supply?
A: Free.

Q: How should those working in these departments be remunerated?
A: Ration card, health care, transportation, housing, consumer goods, communications card.

Q: What about equipment utilized in various departments?
A: Enhance indigenous industries. Import and export goods and services for other goods and services.

Q: How should people get food, clothing, health care, security, transportation, consumer goods, communications, industry-specific education, training and development?
A: Ration card: Already existing.
Building needs: Fair housing act exists.
Health card: Already existing.
Transportation card: Already existing.
Consumer goods: Add to ration card.
Communications: Add to ration card.
Education card: Some regionsí education is free.
Qureshi University is willing to make it free.

A Department of Economy and Budget is essential.

Q: How many people should work in this department?
Q: What should this department do?
Here are important guidelines.