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How should you establish recycling plant(s) in the state?

Every room or kitchen in a building (home, home office or office) should have a 13-gallon trash bin with a trash bag.

The trash bag, once filled, goes into the building’s garbage container.
(This is the responsibility of the resident of the room)

From the building garbage container, the trash bags go into the road dumpster.
(This is duty of the building’s janitorial staff)

From the road dumpster, the trash bags go to the recycling plant.
(This is duty of the city’s streets and sanitation workers)
Usually there is a recycling truck to transport trash from the road dumpster.

At the recycling plant, a chemical engineer oversees the recycling process.

Once trash bags are dumped at the recycling plant, there is a waiting period.

Here are further guidelines.

What is a janitor?

Janitors' primary responsibility is as a cleaner and in some cases they will also carry out maintenance and security duties.

Janitorial services are performed by men and women who are known as janitors. Janitors are people who clean buildings such as schools, offices, buildings and hospitals. In addition to their cleaning responsibilities, some janitors provide maintenance services.
Cleaning Products

Aircraft Cleaning
Building Cleaning
Bus Wash | Truck Wash | Train Wash
Car Wash
Road Cleaning

Janitorial Equipment
Bathroom Tissue & Towels
Cleaning Chemicals
Clorox Clean-Up Cleaner with Bleach
Dust Pans
Floor Care Equipment
Floor Sign
Floor Buffers
Leaves broom
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Mop Head
Mop Bucket & Wringers
Mobile Recycling Tilt Trucks
Soap & Hand Sanitizers
Trash Bags
Vacuum Cleaner
Waste & Recycle Containers
How are complaints handled?
Here are further guidelines.