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February 2, 2011

We are expected to have a meeting.

These are the questions I would ask a suitable candidate.

How do you determine competence of an alderman?
He or she should be able to answer these questions.
What are the duties of an alderman?
What is the area of service of an alderman?
What can an alderman do?
What can an alderman not do?
Why didn't you decide to serve as a governor?
What do you do for continuing education?
What resources do you utilize for continuing education?
What would you say are areas that need improvement?
What is economy?
What is budget?
How do you define state economy?
How do you define a state budget?
What is good human character?
What is good human behavior?
Do you feel a city, county, district, or compartment can fulfill genuine needs of people without mobilizing resources from other areas of the state?
Why do you think you can make difference better than others?
Do you have answers to these questions?
Do you need me to educate you with these questions?
What is your answer to these questions?
What are your best achievements?
Do you think every city, county, district, or compartment should have grain fields and fruit trees to be self-sufficient?
Why might you be successful in the work?
What values do you follow?
What do these values reveal about good character, good behavior, rights, state planning and development with global perspective, state economy, and budget?
Who has influenced you most in your life?
How has he or she influenced you most?
How would you describe yourself as a person?
What was the last major problem that you were confronted with?
What action did you take on it?
What organizations do you belong to?
What is your professional goal?

Should we have representatives from the state general assembly at every meeting?
Yes, we should.

Should we have representatives from other counties, districts, or compartments at every meeting?
Yes, we should.

Should we have representatives from other states at every meeting?
Yes, we should.