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Death Issues of Human
Death Certificates
Last Updated: November 18, 2015
What should a physician in the state or outside the state know about issues of death certificate?
Announcement of human death.
Annotation or definition of death certificate in state.
Complaint relevant to lies or errors on death certificate.
Cause, manner, mechanism, circumstance of death.
Correct Death Certificate
Death Certificate
Death Records Search
Duty to record, verify, maintain truthful records of death in the state.
Death certificate samples 2015.
Guidelines for writing death certificate from Doctor Asif Qureshi.
Locations in the state around the world to obtain a death certificate.
Teaching physicians in or outside state how to write death certificate by Doctor Asif Qureshi; last updated by Doctor Asif Qureshi: November 19, 2015.

Announcement of human death
Why is it necessary to elaborate facts about human death in detail?
Condolences have to be forwarded accordingly.
Further investigations have to be conducted as per causes, mechanism, and circumstances (manner) of death.
Further medical research needs to go ahead based on findings.
Administrative recommendations in the state and outside the state have to go ahead.
Death certificates must be ideally available publicly through Internet.

What should happen after the death of an individual?
Normally, this sequence happens.
Announcement of death
If sudden, unexpected, premature death, investigations, forensic analysis, and case handed over to state administration of justice.
(Arrests, detention, termination of services, further punishments)
Death certificate issuance
Funeral prayers
In case of sudden, premature, unexpected death, investigations required follow-up.
Circumstances of death must be elaborated minute by minute, second by second.

Annotation or definition of death certificate in state.
What is a death certificate?
A death certificate is an official, state government-issued document that declares the identification of the person who has died, date and time, location, cause of death, mechanism of death, circumstance of death, as well as other relevant facts.

Locations in the state around the world to obtain a death certificate.

Where can you get a death certificate in the state or outside the state?
State Department of Health Services, Office of Vital Records.
Ideally, all these reports should be available through Internet and on death certificate.

At what state department of health Office of Vital Records can death certificates be obtained?

Teaching physicians in or outside state how to write death certificate by Doctor Asif Qureshi.

If Doctor Asif Qureshi, founder of Qureshi University and Global democratic party, founder United Continents of world and United States of world before year 2057 due to any circumstances has sudden, premature or unexpected death, what should physicians inside the state and outside the state write?
Circumstance of death: Select among various criminals offences from others. Here are further guidelines

What is the interpretation from these guidelines?
This means Doctor Asif Qureshi must normally live more than 90 years of age.
Is that clear?
What did you understand?

Complaint relevant to lies or errors on death certificate.
What can be complaints relevant to death certificates in the state?
Lies on specific death certificate.
Errors on specific death certificate.
Unavailable death certificate from state through Internet.

Doctor Asif Qureshi founder of Qureshi university and Global democratic party, founder United Continents of the world, United States of world, circulates facts.
Letís examine this.

How should you circulate facts about human death?
Name of deceased: Marlin Banks Jr.
Age at time of death: 12 years.
Death date and time: Monday November 16, 2015 7:35 AM,
Location of death: North Richland Avenue in York.
Cause, mechanism, manner of death: medical examiner/coroner office. Cause and manner of death Accidental self-inflicted gunshot as per statement from coronerís office: Is that correct? No, declares Doctor Asif Qureshi.

Circumstances of death: What do you understand by negligent entrustment?
If a person less than 18 years or more than 18 years apparently kills himself or herself, who created these circumstance for him or her?
Circumstance of this death: Negligent entrustment.
Cause and manner of death: Further investigations required.
Circumstance of death: Negligent entrustment. Further investigations required.

Guidelines for writing death certificate from Doctor Asif Qureshi.
How do you fill out a death certificate based on the state guidelines from Doctor Asif Qureshi?
Identification of the person who has died.
Day, date, time, and location of the death as well as the burial location, witness to the burial, and cause, mechanism, and circumstances of the death.
Immediate cause of death (medical emergencies are listed here).
Underlying cause of death (medical condition that may not have been an emergency).
Mechanism of death (see further details).
Circumstances of death (criminal offenses, locally and abroad, are listed here)

What is the profile of at least two attendants or witnesses to this death?

What are the name and address of the graveyard and the location of grave?

Where are condolences for the family and further questions for the family sent?

What was the manner of this death?

Old age (more than 90 years)
Pending investigations
All apparent suicides and accidents proven to be intentional harm by others.

What were the circumstances of the death?
Select from criminal offenses if circumstances of death are due to any criminal offenses.

Circumstances of death

Air crash/Incident death
Asphyxiation intentional
Burns intentional
Criminal conspiracies death (many individuals, many locations involved)
Death involving intentional deprivation of rights in community or hospital
Death due to assault
Death at home due to sabotage, criminal conspiracies
Drowning intentional
Electrocution intentional
Gunshot wound death
On the spot death due to professional negligence or intentional
Justified judicial death penalty
Judicial death penalty death
Hospital death involving professional negligence
Hospital death/murder in a hospital
Police custody or police contact death intentional
Prison death intentional
Poisoning death intentional
Pushed or thrown from a high altitude
Road traffic crash
Unjustified judicial death penalty
Unnatural cause of death/under investigation
Stab wound death

What should be elaborated on in circumstances of death?
Where, when, how, who, why, what, which, whose, whom, how much/many, how long, how often, how far, and what kinds of circumstances must be elaborated.

What was the immediate cause of death?
The immediate cause of death can be a medical emergency diagnosis.
Select from the list of possible immediate causes of death.

What was the underlying cause of death?
The underlying cause of death can be a non-emergency medical diagnosis.
Select from the list of possibilities.

What was the mechanism of this death?
Alterations in physiology and biochemistry
Cardiac arrhythmia
Congestive cardiac failure
Disseminated intramuscular coagulation
Hepatic failure
Anoxic encephalopathy

Mechanism of death and immediate cause of death can be used interchangeably.

What was the approximate interval between the immediate cause of death and the underlying cause of death?
Minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years (10, 15 years or more).

Was an autopsy performed?

Were autopsy findings available to complete cause, mechanism, and circumstances of death?
An assault mark or cut wound on a dead body proves assault circumstances of death.

What other significant conditions contributed to, but did not result in, the underlying cause?

Old age death (older than 90).

What do I remember about this individual?

How did this individual enhance public services?

Questions that need to be answered if the deceased is female:

What best describes the female at the time of death?
Not pregnant within past year.
Pregnant at the time of death.
Not pregnant, but pregnant within 42 days of death.
Not pregnant, but pregnant 43 days to 1 year before death.
Unknown if pregnant within the past year.

Did any tobacco use contribute to the death?

Why is the announcement of a human death publicly and to the community within 24 hours of the death essential?
Intentionally hiding a human death beyond 24 hours is a criminal offense.

Are further investigations required in this human death?
Further investigations are required.
This was a sudden, premature, and unexpected death.
Circumstance of death was a criminal wrongdoing felony by others