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What is Electronics?
The concept electronics is used for electronic components, integrated circuits, and electrical systems.
Here are further guidelines.

What is the difference between electronics engineering and electrical engineering?
Various universities consider electronics and electrical engineering separate entities.
Do you consider electronics and electrical engineering two separate entities?

What are various branches of electronics?
Aerospace electronics
Automotive electronics
Consumer electronics
Electronic components
Electric tools
Electric or digital metrology
Electrical pumps and air conditioners
Electrical engineering
Health care electronics
Marine electronics
Do you want to revolutionize the world with new and useful technology?
Do you want to make new computers that are more effective and creative?
Do you want to make new intelligent materials and components by creating them atom by atom?
Do you want to make new communication paths between electronics and nerves so that deaf people can hear and blind people can see?

Everyone agrees that the domain of electronics has revolutionized the world the past decades. Only 50 years ago, the thought of being surrounded by computers, microprocessors, Internet, and cell phones was unheard of. The performance of computers is approximately doubled every other year. This development is due to the fact that we now can place more components closer to each other on microchips.
Aerospace Electronics
Automotive Electronics
Consumer electronics
    What are consumer electronics?

    Here are further guidelines.
    Audio Equipment
    Answering machine
    Color laser printer
    DSL modem
    Display Technologies Guide (LCD, Plasma, DLP, LCoS, D-ILA, CRT)
    Electric stove
    Electric Fans
    Electric Shavers
    Fax Machines
    Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
    Microwave Oven
    Mobile Phones
    MP3 Players Audio and Sound Systems
    MP4 Players
    Remote Control Devices
    Smoke detector
    Telephone (Telecommunications)
    Television and Video
Discrete Circuits
Electronic Components
    Connectors and Cables
    Diodes including zener diodes
    Integrated Circuits (Chips)
    LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes)
    Variable Resistors
    Other components including LDRs and thermistors
Department of Electronics
    What are recommendations to various departments of electronics in various states?
Electrical Network
Electrical Systems
Electronics Recycling
Integrated Circuits (Chips)
Marine electronics