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Quick, Master of Business Administration.

MBA Program
Corruption in Politics or Regulations, Racism, Deprivations of rights under the Color or Ruse of law, Political Abuse, Discrimination, Disruption, or Exclusion.

Q) What are your recommendations?

Never apply for a loan. Never apply to a bank or a non-bank entity.
This is a ploy to force you into debt.
There is Monopoly and also Corruption in the Politics of Regulations. There is Discrimination, Deprivation of rights under the Ruse of law. There is also Exclusion. You aren't going to become a successful Business Executive or Entrepreneur, and you aren't going to increase your income. Identify these hurdles. This is the biggest task for you as well as for others. Remove these hurdles.

How will an M.B.A. impact your career?

An M.B.A. degree reflects a sophisticated level of knowledge and skills concerning a wide range of contemporary management topics. It also implies a well-developed understanding of strategic thinking and planning in a globally competitive world.

What is an Executive M.B.A. Program?

An Executive M.B.A. program provides an opportunity for experienced professionals to obtain a master's degree in Business Administration on a schedule that minimizes disruption of work and personal pursuits.

What is different about the Executive M.B.A. curriculum?

Courses offered in an E.M.B.A. program are normally the same as those taught in traditional M.B.A. program - accounting, Business English, finance, statistics, management, marketing, and information systems. However, E.M.B.A. courses are enhanced by the extensive professional experience of the participants and are uniquely structured to teach a maximum amount of course material in an accelerated timetable.

Who attends the Executive M.B.A. Program?

Students in the program are sponsored by their employers. Sponsors may include some of the manufacturing and service firms, Goveronment, Corporation, Entrepreneur, executives from not-for-profit and firms. In order to maintain a balance of backgrounds of participants, firms are limited in the number of employees permitted in the program each year.

What type of time commitment is involved?

Success in professional life demands a substantial and regular commitment of time, and it is no different in an E.M.B.A. program. Added to the already heavy demands of a business career, the time involved in pursuing an M.B.A. is considerable and requires a high level of motivation and commitment.

Industry-specific education

Adult illiterates and children can go and come from a shop or establishment. Coming and going to a shop or establishment isn't quality or an asset of a business professional or entrepreneur.

Dispensing, distributing, or selling at a shop can be replaced with a vending machine. Professional consultations can be sought over the World Wide Web from a distance.

What is an asset of a business professional or entrepreneur?

Skills, knowledge, and the ability to bring out quality products and services.

How do you get these skills and knowledge?

With proper quality education.

How much will it cost?

70000 per student.

What is the curriculum?

Business Advice
Business Advertising Marketing, or Public Relations
Business Accounting
Business Bidding
Business Customers/Clients
Business Competitor
Business Contract research and manufacturing services
Business Dealerships
Business Distribution/Wholesale
Business Department Store/Supermarket
Business English
Business Exhibition
Business Event Services
Business Feasibility
Business Finance
Business Goals
Business Habits
Business Hiring
Business Hotel Management
Business Health and Wellness Industry
Business Interpersonal Skills
Business and International Communications Security
Business Law
Business Manufacturing
Business Meeting
Business Management Software
Business Networking, Negotiations
Business New Product
Business Name
Business Oil & Gasoline Station
Business Project Management
Business Press Releases
Business Professional Services
Business Prospects
Business Patent
Business Restaurants, Food Processing
Business Real Estate
Business Retail
Business Regulator/Politician
Business Sales
Business Sales Letters
Business Sprays (Aerosol Sprays)
Business Guidance for Secretary of State
    State Library
    Take a look at this.
Business Guidance for Central Management Services
Business Guidance for County/District Services
Western County = Eastern District
Business Guidance for City Services
    Q: What are the city services?
    A: Streets and sanitation come under city services. In some regions, the city would like to provide more services.

    If the city shows extraordinary performance and services, it may be given extra duties and responsibilities.

    Eventually, performance matters. If city services fail to resolve issues, problems, claims, even streets and sanitation can be given to county or directly to state administration or a caretaker administration.
Business Warehouse

Who may utilize these courses?
Existing Entrepreneur, New Entrepreneur, Administrators, Courts, Judges, Psychologists, etc.

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