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LL.M. program
LL.M. students include judges, lawyers working in firms, government officials, law professors, diplomats, human rights activists, doctoral students, business men and women, and others. The diversity of the participants in the LL.M. program contributes significantly to the educational experience of all students.
How do you define a competent court?
How do you define obstruction of justice?
What are examples of obstruction of justice?
Blocking a criminal investigation.
What questions should a person be able to answer when claiming to be associated with a competent court?
Global Comparative Family laws
Q. A judge intentionally applied the wrong concept of law to individualized harms, leading to further harms. With a reminder that the judge and associates ignored the harms, leading to further harms, what concept of law is applicable to these harms?
    1. Crime of omission.
    2. Hate crime.
    3. Vicarious liability.
    4. Legal malpractice.
    5. All of the above.
How did the court, workers, adjudicators, and everyone involved ensure that the person was not harmed during transit, at the destination, or while moving to any other location?
Where should you file complaints against a dishonest, incompetent, prejudiced, discriminatory judge involved in intentional harms?
What should happen if a genuine complaint against a judge is ignored due to the mafia in the system?
What will the consequences be of not punishing or adjudicating harms due to the involvement of the head of the organization or executive of an establishment?
Copyright issues
Global Conflicts and Law
Q. Do advanced Avionics, Mind control technology, Action potential, Mind reading devices, Pulse modulated mind control, Wide area network high resolution, nanotechnology, space dopplers with range from North pole to South pole, west to east and others bring into question the continued validity of present state, fairness of administration of Justice?
Matters related to converting hotels involved in harms and crimes to educational trusts. Punishment of those involved in harms.
Exploitation of women

Visa scandals with criminal conspiracy, intentional harm.

What should you take care of while issuing any visa or permit for women?

Women are not exploited.
There is a behind the scenes criminal conspiracy to transfer women under any different pretext with ulterior motives and criminal intent to exploit women.

If a woman has been transferred from one region to another, how do you prove this is a criminal conspiracy with intentional harm?

Where and when was she born?
How many women of the same ethnicity, religion, and region within 50 miles were transferred to the same region during the same time period?
Who should be punished?
All those who are directly and indirectly involved.
From the place of origin, transit to place of destination and others.
International Intellectual Property Law
International Trade Law
    What is phishing?
    What is Identity Theft?
    How does the imposter take your identity?
    Where does the impersonator get information about you?
    How can you stop the fraud?
    What if the police won't take a report?
International Banking Law
International Investment Law
International Human Rights
Comparative American/Asian/Latin American/African Law
International Military Contracts.
Admiralty and Maritime Law
International Capital Markets Regulation
International Arbitration
International Environmental Law