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Medical malpractice

What are various concepts applicable to medical malpractice?

This is in addition to other applicable concepts.
1. Wrong diagnosis.
2. Insufficient care.
3. Being party to repeated conspiracies.
4. Failure to follow-up
5. Insufficient information given.
6. Improper or prejudiced investigation of medical malpractice.
7. Improper or prejudiced investigation of a conspiracy.
8. Improper or prejudiced investigation of repeated conspiracies.
9. Late arrival at a house visit.
10. Birth Injury
11. Surgical Negligence
12. Anesthesia Malpractice
13. Contaminated Blood
14. Prognosis Misdiagnosis
15. Injury from Prescription Drugs / Overdoses
16. Negligence
17. Failure to diagnose
18. Delay in diagnosis
19. Late referral to the hospital.
20. Failure to monitor
21. Negligent non-disclosure
22. Conspiracies to enhance harms
23. (the list goes on)

A medical doctor often adds titles after his/her name, i.e., MBBS, MD, DM, FRCP (Edin.), FACP (USA), Master of the American College of Physicians, Director Digestive Diseases Center.

This doctor doesn't know what is good human character or good human behavior.
On February 17, 2010, he gives an unintelligible presentation on Morbidity and Mortality without knowing the difference between Morbidity, Mortality and medical malpractice.
Do these titles have any value if the person listing them isn't able to answer correctly?

Q: What is the proof of your competence?
A: You should be able to answer questions correctly.
The same should be displayed publicly.

Q: Can an English teacher guide a medical doctor in diagnosis and treatment?
A: No.

Q: Can a social worker guide a medical doctor to reach to a correct diagnosis and treatment?
A: No.

Q: Can a medical doctor guide a medical doctor?
A: Yes, a competent medical doctor can guide a medical doctor.
A medical doctor fraudulently and maliciously selected medical doctors for post-graduation and became director of a hospital. A female medical doctor had sex with one political cult and became principal of a medical college. That is not proof of competence. That is criminal wrongdoing.
This example will make you understand.

Services are so horrible in America as of February 1, 2012, that a non- medico at 4740 N. Clark, Chicago, Illinois 60640, referred a case to Weiss Hospital, 4646 N. Marine Drive, Chicago, as a medical emergency. Weiss hospital responded that it cannot diagnose and treat psychiatric emergencies. The case is referred two-and-a-half miles away to Saint Joseph's Hospital, where the case lingers for five days. A psychiatrist at Saint Joseph's Hospital, 2900 North Lake Shore Drive is not able to answer relevant questions.
Here is a discussion question.
Does being licensed to practice as a medical doctor guarantee competence and performance?

How do you justify your answer?

This is an American example.
A person has been licensed to practice medicine.
This person is not able to answer questions.
This person is not able to understand the harms.
This person is not able to reach to correct diagnosis.
This person is not able to form treatment as per preventive and curative concepts of medicine.
This person is licensed to practice medicine.
The colleges don't educate them in question and answer format.
They don't have good guides.
Regulatory organizations have corrupt, unfair, discriminatory, and incompetent people.
Such medical doctors exist in America, Africa, Latin America, Australia, and Asia, as well.
In America, a licensed Physician, with more than eighteen years experience, treating patients daily, in outpatient setting, didn't know recent basic management of hypertension.

White health care professionals, who mismanaged cases, shifted cases to non white health care professionals to evade medical malpractice, mismanagement and to evade public embarrasement of being incompetent.

While legislations to recertify all licensed working, Physicians in America every four years must be mandatory.

Continuining education of existing licensed Health care professionals, including Physicians is required and Medical education of new Medical graduates is essential.

Advanced medicine, like elaborated here has lead to extra ordinary discoveries.

English language has to be essential in all professional education, including medicine, engineering, teaching, and legal education.

A person must have desire, interest to learn, research ability, reach correct diagnoses and treatment of human beings, and serve the people. Those should be criteria for admission to a medical college.

What should members of any health care organization be able to answer?

What type of medical emergencies have you diagnosed, treated, researched, and taught in the real world?
Can you educate others online?
Where is it displayed publicly?
Does doing a medical residency by a medical doctor in any American hospital guarantee that he/she is able to reach a correct diagnosis and treatment?
No, it does not.

Should a person who cannot reach a correct diagnosis and treatment of human beings get involved in health care law?

What should you do if there are no competent medical doctors able to answer relevant questions in your area?

You need to write to the state department of health.
We do not have competent medical doctors able to answer relevant questions in this area.
Existing medical doctors are not able to reach to correct diagnosis and treatment.
Existing medical doctors are not able to answer relevant questions.
Annual health assessment is not performed.

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Take a look at this.
Q: In America, has your doctor recommended surgery?
Q: Is it really indicated?
Q: Has your doctor carried out surgery?
Q: Was it really indicated?
Q: Has your doctor recommended a medicine?
Q: Is this medicine truly needed?
Q: Has your physician, related practitioners, including psychologists, social workers, managers, administrators, and politicians, practiced negligence, failure to diagnose, delays in diagnosis, failure to follow-up on tests (labs, radiology, etc.), failure to monitor, wrong diagnosis, and in certain scenarios horrible conspiracies to harm and engage in criminal wrongdoing?
Q: What is the population of the world today?
Q: Do we know exactly how many people live in the world today?
Today the population of the world is more than six billion.

Q: What is the total population of all of North America?
The population of North America is Less than 600 million.

Q: Is the American Board Certified license number important or is competence more essential?
Q: Are American Board Certified medical doctors competent, brilliant?
Q: Do they possess International standards regarding skills, knowledge, education, and practice?

Q: What's the proof for this claim?
The proof is the repeated wrong diagnosis, sabotage, Bad management planning, etc.

Q: What is medical malpractice?
Q: What must be shown to prevail in a medical malpractice case?
Q: Should medical fraternity take cognizance?
Q: Should the public defender take action sua sponte?
Q: What other options are available?
Q: How is vicarious liability defined?
Q: What are the elements of effective case management?
Q: What are the issues?
Q: What are the different solutions?
Q: What is the best solution?
Q: Who has the answer?
Q: Who is willing to answer?
Q: Who has the duty and responsibility to answer?
Q: Do you have any questions for me?
Q: A racist endorses the wrong diagnosis of the racist.
Does that make it a correct diagnosis?
Q: An incompetent doctor endorses wrong diagnosis of his incompetent colleague. Does that make it a correct diagnosis?
Q: How would you like to solve this problem?
Q: What punishments do they deserve?